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    HD voice provision sees 84% increase, GSA says


    The provision of HD voice services is gaining increasing traction with both operators and handset manufacturers, according to new data.

    The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) reports that the number of mobile operators now providing HD voice service is up 84 percent compared to last year.

    In total, 83 operators have commercially launched HD voice services on mobile networks in 61 countries.

    The vast majority – 76 out of the 83 operators – delivers HD voice on 3G/HSPA networks, while four offer it on both HSPA and GSM. There are just two operators offering the service on LTE (VoLTE), while one provides it on a GSM-only network.

    Meanwhile, there are 245 HD voice compatible phones on the market from 17 manufacturers, including Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei and Nokia.

    “Seventeen countries have two or more mobile networks offering HD voice services, commented GSA president Alan Hadden. “Deploying cross-network national interconnectivity for HD voice calling will fuel further growth, as will enabling international roaming HD voice services. The stunning benefits of HD voice calling could soon become a mainstream mobile user experience.” 

    Telenor announced it was launching HD voice services in Norway in March, with CEO Berit Svendsen saying that sound quality during calls “has not seen any significant improvements since the introduction of GSM in the early 90s”.

    Mobile HD voice uses Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband (W-AMR) technology and was first touted back in 1987.

    In January, Orange announced it was extending interoperable HD voice services to international and roaming calls. The operator’s EVP of International Carriers, Alexandre Pébereau, said the service had become “a must-have service for operators”.

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