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    Huawei and Rohill talk up LTE/TETRA integration with new launch


    Vendors Huawei and Rohill have demonstrated an integrated LTE/TETRA solution as they look to strengthen their positions in the mission critical communications market.

    The two companies said they decided to work together to meet growing customer demand for mobile broadand networks that integrate with existing TETRA networks in order to provide TETRA functionalities on top of LTE.

    Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) is an ETSI standard for mobile radios and two-way transceivers specifically designed for public safety networks, emergency services and the military.

    Netherlands-based Rohill is a specialist TETRA-focused company known for its TetraNode infrastructure solution.

    The new product, LTEtraNode, enables the mission critical end-user to access the same data capacity and capabilities that already have been successfully introduced for public networks.

    According to the two companies, the product is the first step towards a longer-term strategy that will incorporate the government and enterprise markets – including the transportation, utilities, oil and gas industries – in addition to the public safety market.

    “Huawei and Rohill strongly believe that further LTE/TETRA integration and standardisation is the way forward to enable end users to make full use of data capabilities offered by LTE,” a statement read. “Any intermediate solution which does not focus on LTE is probably outdated at the moment the products are launched.”

    The vendors added that they will develop solutions that can be deployed on generic 3GPP defined frequency bands, but also in other low and high frequency bands to satisfy specific coverage and capacity requirements.

    Huawei, which became a member of trade body the TCCA (TETRA and Critical Communications Association) earlier this year, said it wanted to use its wireless communications technology to aid the evolution of TETRA.

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