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    Huawei sets up global labs to aid NFV development


    Huawei is building three labs in Germany, China and the United States to help the telecoms industry develop NFV and SDN technologies. 

    The labs will focus on how new virtualisation technologies can be integrated into network infrastructure, as well as testing new solutions, showcasing innovation and certifying standards of emerging products. The vendor said the labs will ensure new products will work with NFV standards and the Open Platform NFV Source.

    Huawei said NFV is one of the vendor’s “core strategies” for developing its network architecture for the years ahead. The China-based company is a platinum member of the OPNFV program, which is developing a common reference platform for infrastructure companies and operators.

    The labs would help to realise OPNFV’s goals of establishing device consistency, performance and interoperability, it added.

    Huawei reiterated the commonly held advantages that NFV advocates have argued the technology will bring. A statement read: “From Huawei’s perspective, the main added values from NFV are that it will break the isolation of traditional telecommunications networks, shorten innovation cycles, reduce operating costs and create an open industry chain, which requires processes for open standardisation and open source cloud technology.”

    The labs are the latest research centres to be built that will focus on exploring NFV technology. Alcatel-Lucent launched its own campus in October in Tokyo, with a view to research ultra-broadband and cloud-based solutions.

    Huawei has been working with a range of different operators on virtualisation trials and implementations.

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