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    Huawei teams up with Intel for its latest 5G trials


    Huawei’s ongoing army of 5G trials has roped in a new recruit, with the Chinese vendor partnering with Intel on new 3GPP 5G New Radio-based interoperability development testing.

    The testing will use Huawei’s 5G base station prototype and Intel’s 5G Mobile Trial Platform, which it unveiled last year, to verify the performance of next generation technologies including sub-6GHz, C-band and mmWave.

    Huawei highlighted C-band as particularly important for providing basic coverage and bandwidth for 5G as one of the first commercialised pieces of spectrum for future networks.

    Asha Keddy, Vice-President in the Communication and Devices Group at Intel Corporation, said: “Intel has been actively collaborating with leading players in the Chinese 5G industry to accelerate 5G R&D tests and commercialisation with Intel’s end-to-end 5G technology advantages.

    “Based on the latest 5G NR technologies, this joint interoperability test with Huawei will further drive unified 5G standards and the industrial ecosystem in China and across the globe.”

    The 5G New Radio standard will be finalised by 3GPP in December and uses LTE as a base for coverage and 5G carriers to boost data rates and reduce latency.

    The partnership is the latest in a long line of 5G research involving Huawei. Yesterday the Chinese vendor said it was working with TIM and Fastweb’s mobile arm on pre-standard trials taking place in Italian cities in 2018.

    It also worked with Deutsche Telekom last week on hitting speeds of more than 2GBps by using New Radio architecture.