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    Huawei to help the city of Duisberg get smart


    Huawei is to launch a smart city project and build a Joint Innovation Centre in Duisberg, Germany.

    Duisburg Mayor Sören Link and Wang Yonggang, CFO of Huawei‘s Enterprise Business Group, signed a memorandum of understanding for the project, which aims to make Duisberg a “innovative and digitalized Western European model city”, this week.

    Initial plans feature an expansion of the city’s WLAN to include the city’s zoo and public transport network. Huawei will also help build “intelligent classrooms”, equipping them Wi-Fi and broadband networks.

    Future projects could include intelligent street lamps, smart supply networks and traffic management systems, as well as simplified access systems for citizens wishing to access local government systems.

    Huawei said it will offer advice to building future 5G networks, and unlocking the potential of autonomous driving, smart logistics and connected industrial processes.

    No operator partner was named.

    Duisberg Lord Mayor Sören Link said: “Innovative technologies are the key to meeting the challenges of the future. We want to exploit the opportunities offered by digitisation to improve the quality of life in the city and promote economic growth.

    “At the same time, we are further expanding our relations with a global player from China with this cooperation. We are an attractive partner city for international companies, employees and students.”

    In November last year, Huawei launched a new smart city management solution. The Intelligent Operation Centre taps into a network of data centres, collating information from around a city and making it accessible to administrators.