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    Huawei unveils Rhine Cloud


    Huawei and German IT services provider DU-IT on Monday unveiled the Rhine Cloud, a smart city and public services cloud platform that will underpin plans to transform Duisburg into a smart city.

    The launch of the Rhine Cloud brand name came as part of a framework agreement signed between the Chinese equipment maker and DU-IT that itself builds on an MoU Huawei inked with the city of Duisburg earlier this year.

    Huawei also revealed that the first Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings are available on Rhine Cloud, which is being hosted in Duisburg by DU-IT.

    It added that the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings will use technology from German indoor digital positioning and mapping specialist NavVis. This will enable mobile mapping services, such as a digitally guided tour of Duisburg’s Stadthistorisches Museum or 3D mapping of office buildings in the city, which will be on Rhine Cloud available from October.

    “Huawei integrates new ICT in unified platforms enabling IoT, communications, cloud data centre and intelligent command centre, to create the city’s nervous system,” said Vincent Pang, president of Huawei West Europe Region.

    “Huawei’s expertise as a leading technology provider coupled with DU-IT’s strength as a city ISP puts us in an ideal position to help the city’s business customers drive innovation and growth, bring safety and efficiency to citizens, and make the city more attractive to businesses and investors,” he added.