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    iBWave offers in-building fundamentals course


    iBwave Solutions has announced the launch of its introductory indoor wireless solutions course, In-Building Fundamentals. It is the first of an expanding list of courses that will be added to iBwave’s Training Program, which is in addition to the already successfully established iBwave Certification Program.

    Since 2010, iBwave has certified over 500 radio frequency professionals, preparing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to set up quality wireless service inside buildings, and turning them into in-building wireless technology experts. iBwave recognizes the need  to now educate a more general audience on in-building essentials, as the number of stakeholders in the field is growing significantly.

    From macro RF engineers to field technicians, students and telecom journalists, the new course will benefit anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the indoor wireless industry. In-Building Fundamentals will be taught through iBwave’s e-Learning platform, making it accessible to students worldwide.

    Peter Thalmeir, iBwave’s Training and Certification Director, explains, “The in-building market continues to grow as the demand for coverage and capacity within buildings, and also larger venues such skyscrapers and stadiums, is rapidly increasing. In the past, the focus was mainly on the outdoor networks, which has led to a shortfall of specialists in the indoor wireless design field.” In-Building Fundamentals is the starting point to spreading awareness of indoor wireless solutions.

    The launch comes at an ideal period in the in-building field as the demand for indoor wireless solutions has been growing exponentially. Recent statistics show North American outdoor networks are currently operating at 80 per cent of its total capacity, the highest in the world; a similar trend is taking place on a global level. With outdoor networks reaching capacity levels and 75 per cent of wireless use already occurring indoors, the rapid demand for mobile data exchange is leading to lucrative investments in indoor wireless infrastructure.

    With a highly experienced wireless in-building team, iBwave has managed to stay ahead of wireless trends by working alongside the in-building ecosystem. It will be providing more training courses in the near future to fulfill the growing need for in-building experts.

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