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    iliad invests in Instadrone with its Solid-19 solidarity fund


    Instadrone is an iliad supplier – a licensed network of individuals who operate drones to capture and process data for enterprises.

    The Solid-19 fund was set up to support small businesses in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic through long-term convertible bonds.

    Since 2016, Instadrone has specialised in the recovery and analysis of technical data for industrial sectors including telecoms, agricuture, energy, construction, environment and more.

    Its services address a range of needs, from topographic plans, to building inspections, the collection of geo-referenced points for structural modeling, site monitoring, air quality control, sampling and more.

    Complementary intervention

    Nicolas Jaeger, Chief Financial Officer, iliad Group, said, “This solidarity initiative…has met with a real response: so far, we have received a dozen requests, half of which are already well advanced. This acquisition of shares, requested by Instadrone, complements our various modes of intervention with our network of partners.”
    Cédric Botella, CEO of Instadrone noted, “This stake in the iliad Group is a great opportunity for our company. We refused several offers because we were looking for the ideal French partner for an ambitious and structured growth driver.

    “The announcement of the Solid-19 plan was a trigger in our desire to increase our partnership with the iliad Group, because we have worked closely with Free Mobile for several years and share common values ​​of solidarity, work and constant search for ‘innovation’.”

    Instadrone was set up in 2014 and has 23 branches in France and four abroad.