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    InMobi launches an instant ad revenue scheme for mobile operators


    Adverts on the sites of popular self-service portals could create new revenue stream

    Mobile marketing specialist InMobi has created a new service, InMobi Telco, that places adverts on the self-service sites run by each mobile operator. The popularity of these sites has yet to be exploited and a simple advertising service could bring an instant revenue stream, it claims.

    Every day a large proportion of any mobile operator’s millions of subscribers will visit its self-service to check their minutes and manage their accounts. This presents a lucrative media buying opportunity for advertisers but mobile operators are too busy with 5G network building to create an advertising model, InMobi claims. So InMobi Telco is designed to present the mobile operator with a simple system that can be instantly adopted, according to Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, the senior VP for InMobi Telco.

    In April statistics from MTN suggested that webscalers are taking a major slice of revenue ($1.7 trillion) from mobile phone operations. InMobi claims it can help operators mo more to seize their opportunities. 

    The InMobi Telco service is already used by the top three mobile operators in the US, it claims. Other customers include ‘a major operator’ in the Middle East and Latin America. The new launch extends the offering to the rest of the world.

    User experience is key

    “Mobile operators and handset makers need to deliver the best on-device experience,” said Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, the senior VP for InMobi Telco. InMobi says its customised apps can offer a better experience to end users which in turn empowers telcos to deliver better outcomes to end-users.

    Among InMobi’s offering is Swish, a home screen concierge for consumers, which helps users discover content and dynamically adapts to their preferences as they scroll. Swish includes discovery tools such as Swish Folders, Unbox and Web. It also offers news, games and deals. Other online customer experience improvements include frictionless onboarding from Swish Unbox, ‘inspirational content’ via Swish Folders and Swish Explore, native browsing with Swish web and personalised engagement with Swish.Me.

    InMobi claims that its research showed a five percent increase in customer retention rate can increase profits by between 25 and 95 percent for a mobile carrier. InMobi Telco promises to ‘compelling’ user engagement and retention strategies to improve real-time customer interactions.

    InMobi’s affiliated businesses include Glance, a screen-based content discovery platform and Roposo, a video platform.