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    Introducing the European vision for the 6G network ecosystem


    The 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) publishes white paper as European Commission is set to announce new phase in Horizon programme.

    The 5G IA’s white paper, European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem is part of the organisation readying itself for the new Smart Networks and Services (SNS) European Partnership in the framework of the Horizon Europe programme.

    Dr. Colin Willcock, Chairman of the Board of the 5G IA, stated, “At this critical time, as research beyond 5G is starting around the world, this white paper is an important document on the road to 6G. [It] encapsulates the European view on what 6G should be and indicates the direction of how we can get there”.

    Digital and green

    The SNS Partnership will contribute to digital and green transitions, allowing European players to develop the technology capacities for 6G systems as the basis for future digital services. More information is available here.

    Within the SNS, the 5G IA will be the private side representative, jointly managing the Partnership with the European Union.
    The white paper covers related to 6G research from a technical, societal, policy and business perspective with the aim of providing a vision for future networks and services.

    It explains how 6G is expected to play a key role in the evolution of the society towards the 2030’s, as the convergence between the digital, physical and personal worlds will increasingly become a reality.

    Furthermore, 6G will support the European Green Deal’s objective of reaching climate neutrality for Europe by 2050. This and other objectives of 6G will also greatly contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
    6G will include intelligent connected management and control functions, programmability, integrated sensing and communication, reduction of energy footprint, trustworthy infrastructure, scalability and affordability.

    The development of Europe-based 6G infrastructures, solutions and services will be of key importance to secure European strategic autonomy in critical technologies and systems.
    The paper presents possible opportunities and obstacles related to 6G as well as a series of recommendations for policy makers and businesses.