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    Keysight brings test and measurement to the multi-party 6G programme


    The programme is supported by the Academy of Finland and led by the University of Oulu, Finland.

    Accroding to the report in Elektor magazine, Keysight says it will be “a co-creator to advance wireless communications research beyond 5G”.

    Although there is still doubt about exactly what 6G will be, 
it is expected to leverage spectrum above millimeter waves called terahertz waves, from 300GHz to 3THz.

    These frequencies form an important component in delivering data rates of up to one tera bit per second and ultra-low latencies.

    The eight-year program envisages a society that by year 2030 is data-driven, enabled by near-instant, unlimited wireless connectivity.

    Long lead time

    The programme’s founders say fundamental research typically begins ten to 15 years ahead of the development of industrial standards.

    6G, it is claimed, will build on and greatly expand the capabilities that 5G is expected to deliver for vertical industries like healthcare, manufacturing, energy, transportation and public safety.

    Keysight’s expertise across these frequency bands, as well as in high-speed digital technologies, cybersecurity, device characterisation, and network test, should accelerate research in all four strategic areas of the programme:

    • wireless connectivity

    • distributed intelligent wireless computing

    • device and circuit technologies, and

    • vertical applications and services.

    Solving design challenges

    Satish Dhanasekaran, SVP of Keysight and President of Keysight’s Communications Solutions Group, said, “As the only test and measurement provider invited to take part of the program, Keysight is showcasing the unique role we play in solving design challenges ahead of a technology wave.


The programme’s overarching goals include helping to finalise the adoption of 5G across vertical industries, developing fundamental technologies needed to enable 6G such as artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent user experience.”

“We’re excited to continue our close collaboration with Keysight to establish the world’s first 6G multi-disciplinary research initiative with broad support in both industry and academia,” said Matti Latva-aho Academy Professor, Director of the 6G Flagship Program at the Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), University of Oulu.