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    Kineto and Taqua partner to offer IMS voice over WiFi


    Companies enable mobile operators to extend new IMS-based voice and messaging services over existing Wi-Fi networks

    Kineto Wireless and Taqua have announced a joint solution that enables mobile operators to include Wi-Fi as part of their Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployment strategy.
    Using Taqua’s IMS core network solution mobile operators can enable smartphones equipped with Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi client to receive IMS-based voice and messaging services over existing Wi-Fi networks, such as at homes and offices.  Operators can now embrace Wi-Fi as a part of their VoLTE deployment plans, adding critical network coverage and capacity in the exact locations subscribers spend most their time.

    “Mobile operators are quickly moving to all-IP access networks and are keen to bring their valuable voice and messaging services to these networks,” said Eric Pratt, CEO of Taqua, LLC.  “With the combined solution from Taqua and Kineto, operators can rapidly introduce IMS-based voice and messaging services over Wi-Fi, turning any access point in the home or office into a virtual LTE small cell.”
    With mobile voice and messaging accounting for the vast majority of service revenues, mobile operators must ensure a controlled migration from circuit to IMS-based voice and SMS services. Subscribers expect a consistent user experience, regardless of the underlying mobile access network. Kineto and Taqua have developed an innovative solution to ensure a consistent voice and messaging experience across LTE and Wi-Fi networks.
    At the heart of Taqua’s convergence core is Taqua’s TCS6100 Small Cell Convergence Server (TCS6100), a SIP-based mobile convergence application server that integrates with existing mobile core elements, including the HLR, SMSC, SCP, and MSC. The TCS6100 extends macro network features and functions to small cell-served subscribers. Leveraging incumbent core network elements, mobile operators can: deploy new small cell offerings while preserving existing systems and practices; deliver a consistent user experience; and implement unified service plans across small cells and macro networks. The TCS6100 delivers voice, messaging, and data convergence while providing supplementary, regulatory, and emergency services.
    In addition to the TCS6100, Taqua’s small cell core network is comprised of the T7100 Multimedia Controller and the T7000® Intelligent Switching System with mobile interface cards. The T7100 provides the media gateway controller and MRF functionality, while the T7000 provides all the media gateway control functionality.
    “While deploying LTE and VoLTE are key steps in delivering a true mobile broadband service, they do not address ongoing in-building coverage and capacity challenges, especially in locations like the home and office,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Kineto Wireless.  “With the combined solution from Taqua and Kineto, operators can leverage the massive global footprint of Wi-Fi as part of their VoLTE deployments to supplement in-building coverage and capacity.”
    Kineto is the leading provider of solutions that seamlessly extend mobile services over Wi-Fi, elegantly providing subscribers with a single, consistent user experience regardless of underlying network.  By supporting IMS-based voice and messaging, Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi client enables mobile operators to rapidly deploy VoLTE-compliant IMS voice and messaging services over Wi-Fi networks, turning, any Wi-Fi access point into a virtual LTE small cell.