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    KPN focuses on 5G business services with generic offers


    KPN rolled out 5G to about half the Netherlands at the end of last month; now the Dutch operator is focusing on enterprise customers.

    According to Jacob Groote, Director 5G at KPN, there are three new business services, Priority for specific applications, Guaranteed bandwidth and Customised mobile coverage.

    He said,“By giving priority to particular applications we ensure that crucial elements, such as specific messaging, are always delivered reliably and quickly to the right place via our mobile network. To be able to guarantee that this happens faultlessly, these messages are handled separately.”

    Supporting 5G applications

    Guaranteed Bandwidth is for applications such as security cameras that never turned off or robots that essential to production process.

    Customized mobile coverage gives customers the security of mobile coverage and capacity on their own premises – indoors and outdoors.

    The services are designed companies of all sizes, especially those in the logistics, manufacturing and processing, and those that use cameras a great deal and do not want to rely on a fixed connection for broadband.

    Groote says the services have been undergoing tests for a considerable timem with customers and partners in the FieldLabs, which will continue, although some customers are already using them.
    KPN cites analysts such as GlobalData and Omdia giving the services a positive reception and noting that KPN is among the first to introduce them.