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    Mobile Europe launches 2015/2016 survey


    Mobile Europe has launched its 2015/2016 survey, which aims to uncover what the key technology priorities have been for operators in 2015 and what they expect from the year ahead.

    With operators desperate to capitalise on new technologies and create new sources of income, 2015 has seen a flurry of activity around NFV, 5G and the Internet of Things, to name merely a few.

    While telcos look to new technologies, they also prepare to leave old ones behind. Over the past few months, a number of major European players have revealed their intentions to power down their legacy networks to make way for a new era of data-driven services driven by LTE & LTE-A.

    In addition to looking back at the technologies that have shaped the wireless landscape in 2015, Mobile Europe’s survey takes a prospective look at what operators are gearing up for in the coming year.

    As well as getting an insight into the tech that will top operators’ agendas in 2016, the survey addresses the challenges operators – and the telco industry as a whole – face in getting said technology into their businesses and, crucially, to consumers.

    It also hopes to lay bare operators’ thoughts on the Europe’s Digital Single Market, and whether this will ultimately help or hinder their long-term goals.

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    The results of the survey will appear in the December/January edition of Mobile Europe magazine.