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    MTS launches LTE TDD in Moscow Region


    LTE in 96% of Moscow territory by end of 2012

    Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)MBT has announced the commercial launch of Russia’s first TDD (time division duplexing) LTE network in Moscow and the Moscow region.

    On September 01, 2012, MTS initiated 4G coverage over most of Moscow and 40 population centers in the Moscow region. The network enables speeds of up to 100 MB/s.

    Multi-standard 4G modems, which also provide 2G- and 3G-access, are available at MTS stores throughout Moscow and the Moscow region. ‘MTS-Connect’ packages are priced at introductory rates ranging from 2,000 – 2,970 rubles.

    “Demand continues to grow quickly for fast, reliable Internet access, and telecommunications networks are increasingly playing a part in the economic development of particular regions around the world. The launch of 4G networks in Moscow quickly elevates Moscow to a level equal to other world-class economic and cultural centers by providing ubiquitous access to the Internet over state-of-the-art networks.

    "To further enhance connectivity and the development of the region’s economy and lifestyle, MTS will by year-end year make 4G services available in 96% of Moscow’s territory and will double the number of population centers with 4G coverage in the surrounding Moscow region,” commented Konstantin Markov, Head of the MTS Macro Region “Moscow.”

    MTS has built network in the Moscow region using Single Ran technology from Nokia Siemens Networks. The foundation for the new TDD LTE network was built as part of a general network upgrade that began in early 2011.