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    MTS launches Wi-Fi calling in Moscow with Samsung


    MTS has become the latest operator to launch Wi-Fi calling, teaming up with Samsung on the service.

    It has launched in Moscow and the region around the Russian capital, with plans to extend coverage of the service further across Russia and bring it to more devices during 2017. The first devices to offer Wi-Fi calling will be the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

    MTS said it wanted to introduce the service to improve call quality in areas that are not as well served by a traditional cellular network. Customers have the Wi-Fi calls included as part of their usual tariff.

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    MTS Vice President for Strategy and Marketing, Vasyl Latsanych, who recently won European Communication’ CMO of the Year award, said: “Wi-Fi calling represents a new step in the development of telecoms infrastructure. This is one of the most promising technological solutions aimed at enhancing network quality and expanding the coverage of mobile services for subscribers.

    “The technology means that every Wi-Fi connection point can act as one of our base stations. It enables us to provide our clients with high-quality services even in places without access to a cellular network, without costly investments in improving indoor coverage.”

    He added: “MTS is pleased to be the first operator to launch Wi-Fi Calling in Russia and the timing is not accidental. We have closely examined the roll-out of Wi-Fi calling by our foreign partners, and as one of the most innovative global companies, we strived to be the first to provide this kind of service for our clients in Russia.

    “Samsung was deliberately chosen as our partner to introduce Wi-Fi calling as Samsung smartphones are traditionally among the most popular in Russia, so we are confident that this new service will be in high demand.”