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    MVEdge and Foundries promise low maintenance telco cloud and easy IOT


    Foundries foundations and MVEdge connecting device diaspora

    Linux embedder MontaVista Software has launched MVEdge, an intelligent edge that works with gateway-style devices to merge networks more cohesively. Coupled with embedded security, it could make telco cloud building projects run faster and make any Internet of Things (IoT) more secure and manageable. 

    MVEdge simplifies the development of a telco’s core on a Linux system with MontaVista providing the full DevOps environment from source to deployment, says the vendor. Protection is offered by a pre-integrated security framework for the run-time system and support for production security processes.

    The security for the MVEdge system is fortified by, which embeds the hardware with vigilant and trustless code. Meanwhile, the DevOps aspect of the system offers a cloud-native tool suite for functions such as end-to-end secure Over-The-Air (OTA) updates and a culture of continuous integration and delivery (CICD) that pipes in updates to systems from Foundries’ container-based development operations.  

    The attraction for service providers involved in IOT projects is that MVEdge is a pre-integrated system that allows devices in the (network) diaspora to be updated and supported for 10 years with an unobtrusive stream of improvements provided by MontaVista. Maintenance patches include backdated support for the latest security vulnerabilities. This approach keeps devices in the field secure and obviates the risk of regressions caused by rebasing. 

    “The foundation of MVEdge is built on the same Carrier-Grade infrastructure as MontaVista’s Carrier-Grade eXpress (CGX) Linux, a product family with 20 years of deployment in the Embedded Linux market. Out-of-the-box, MVEdge provides all the MontaVista CGX values of commercial-grade embedded support,” says the vendor. These promised values include technical expertise, robust quality and long-term maintenance options.

    The Linux baselines in MVEdge are combined with the FoundriesFactory build system, a DevOps tool suite for building a cloud infrastructure that can be securely updated ‘over the air’. This could be particularly useful for telcos managing IoT projects. 

    The bottom line is that Linux software saves time and presents new options for installing secure intelligent devices at the edge of the telco cloud, according to George Grey, CEO of “With this combination, developers can easily deploy and manage complex cloud IoT projects securely,” said Grey.