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    NeoMedia and Buongiorno partner on mobile barcode solutions


    NeoMedia, a specialist in mobile barcode scanning solutions, today announced an agreement with Buongiorno to supply the media company with mobile barcode capabilities. Under the terms of the agreement, B! Digital, Buongiorno’s mobile marketing and advertising division, will employ the NeoSphere barcode creation and management system to create and manage mobile barcode campaigns globally, with an initial focus on the North American and Western European markets.

    “As brands start to request mobile barcodes to be integrated into mainstream mobile marketing campaigns, our focus is to bring them the most impactful, cost-effective tools to engage their target consumer base. We are very excited about our agreement with NeoMedia as it broadens our portfolio and propels our mobile barcode offering to a new level,” said Mr. D. Bertrand, Head of B!Digital. “By bringing together our technologies, our clients can simply and swiftly create freestanding mobile barcode campaigns with NeoSphere.”

    NeoSphere is a mobile barcode management and infrastructure solution that enables agencies and advertisers to easily develop, launch and manage a mobile barcode campaign. Through the addition of NeoMedia’s campaign management system to Buongiorno’s portfolio, clients can rapidly develop and deploy targeted and engaging advertising and marketing campaigns that blend interactivity, excitement, immediacy and measurability.

    “NeoMedia and Buongiorno are revolutionising the way in which mobile barcodes can be created, managed and deployed in the mobile advertising and marketing mix,” said Iain McCready, CEO of NeoMedia. “The marriage of our solution with Buongiorno’s mobile marketing know-how and distribution channel is an important step towards boosting adoption globally and providing a consistent and reliable consumer experience.”