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    Nokia and Kyndryl put their network edge in one basket


    Make factories automate again

    Hardware maker Nokia and service provider Kyndryl are locking their experts into a lab for three years so they can figure out how to make LTE and 5G fire up industrial productivity. In recent collaborations the pair have become closer and Kyndryl has upped its investment in Nokia, achieving the highest tier Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) accreditation status. It has also increasing expert resources and skilled practitioners ready to support customers across the globe.

    The Nokia-Kyndryl alliance agreement was officially sealed in February 2022. Their teamwork has grown exponentially with 100 active engagements with global enterprises that have seen them advising, testing, piloting and installing edge system in 24 countries. Their shared mission is to transfigure industrial settings with the best LTE and 5G private wireless networks. Around 90% of the work involves industrial manufacturing, namely multinational petrochemicals, mining, timber and the utility and energy companies. 

    The expanded effort will be enhanced with Kyndryl’s achievement of Nokia DAC Advanced accreditation status, which helps ensure that enterprise customers benefit from an expanded lineup of expert resources and skilled practitioners who have extensive training and deep understanding of Nokia products and solutions. In addition, customers will gain access to Kyndryl’s express network installation skills and support of Nokia cellular radio expertise in selected markets.

    Chris Johnson, Head of Global Enterprise at Nokia said the pact is working to find new Edge, Cloud, IP networking, Optics, Fixed Access, 4G and 5G Core and Network Operations software systems for industrial strength wireless networking. Kyndryl, Nokia, and Palo Alto Networks will launch a joint lab in Raleigh, North Carolina to bring reliable, secure and auditable wireless connectivity to industrial networks. Through the collaboration, a multi-factor zero trust model for industrial networking will be created. Kyndryl’s network experts are developing an integrated system starting from the foundations of a typical Modbus process control network and extending access and security beyond the typical shop floor. Using Nokia DAC, private cellular connectivity enables high mobility and extended reach of the network.

    The partners have run private wireless for customers like Dow Chemical over the past 12 months, said Paul Savill, Global Practice Leader of Network and Edge computing at Kyndryl. The plan is to repeat that ‘Industry 4.0 transformation’ across all industries, at speed and on a large scale. At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, Kyndryl and Nokia will unveil new device management services at the Nokia partner arena (Booth #3A20/2A2), showcasing Kyndryl’s auto-provisioning software that uses Nokia’s XR20 line of industrial-grade, ruggedized devices. Gretchen Tinnerman, Vice President, US Network and Edge Practice Leader at Kyndryl will join Nokia CEO, Pekka Lundmark, onstage during his MWC keynote address taking place Tuesday, February 28, 12:00-13:00 CET at the Keynote Stage, Hall 4.