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    Nokia crunches network hardware to bolster emergency services


    Nokia has expanded its ViTrust critical communications range with a new Ultra Compact Network and new data solution for emergency services.

    The vendor said the Ultra Compact Network would host application services such as push-to-video, as well as the likes of video analytics and geolocalisation.

    It also includes Nokia’s Flexi Zone small cell radio and integrated core technology, which the vendor said can connect up to 400 users in minutes.

    A graphical interface has been designed to speed up the set-up process and configuration without the need for an additional laptop.

    A range of different models will be launched, including a network in a backpack, vehicle mounted network and 

    rack-mounted fixed installation version, which Nokia said would allow it to adapt to numerous deployment scenarios.

    A new Integrated Operations Centre will allow emergencies services to aggregate information from a range of sources, including video, first responders data, information from alarm systems, CCTV and social media.

    Tools within the centre analyse the feeds and provide first responders with the crucial information.

    Thorsten Robrecht, Head of the Advanced Mobile Solutions business unit within Nokia said: “With the Ultra Compact Network we have placed considerable focus on what the end-user needs. We have combined an industry-specific design with our strong expertise in radio and core technology, including our Flexi Zone family, for a wide range of frequency bands. This flexibility continues at the command center where the Integrated Operations Centre combines multiple application and system data, analytics and visualization to enhance situation management for public safety agencies.”