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    Nokia intros faster, farther-reaching data analytics platform


    Nokia has launched a mobile analytics solution that pulls together operational and usage data from networks, applications and devices in real time.

    The Finnish company claimed it is the first to provide a live view of network performance across subscribers, applications, devices, operating systems, cells and calls.

    By crossing disparate live data sets, and flagging up issues automatically, the Real-Time Mobile Network Analytics solution will enable operators to pinpoint network issues more rapidly, the company said.

    Where operators are currently required to take operational and engineering decisions based on disconnected sets of data from separate analytics tools for their radio, core and transport networks, Nokia said the new solution crosses live data sets and flags up issues automatically.

    Bhaskar Gorti, President of Applications and Analytics at Nokia, said existing mobile analytics make it “hard to perform network-wide engineering and optimisation or identify if a problem originates in the network, device, device OS, radio link, cell core network, transport network or at some other point.”

    The new solution, which brings together previous Nokia and Alcatel Lucent analytics tools, including Alcatel Lucent’s Wireless Network Guardian, will enable operators to pinpoint network issues more rapidly, he said, linking the performance of applications and devices to network issues – “effectively making every mobile device part of a network test bed,” and reducing reliance on ‘drive testing’ of devices.

    Separately, Nokia said Shanghai Mobile, a regional subsidiary of China Mobile, has taken its AVA predictive analytics platform to identify and resolve issues with VoLTE in its core network.

    The platform has helped Shanghai Mobile grow its VoLTE base to 700,000 subscribers in Shanghai over a relatively short launch period, the pair said.

    Combining data collection, storage and processing to monitor live signalling data across a multi-vendor core and radio network, the Shanghai Mobile solution allows it to manage and track performance as VoLTE devices join the network.

    The vendor’s Real-Time Mobile Network Analytics software solution enables operators to optimise their VoLTE services too, alongside their burgeoning IoT portfolios, and affords a way to understand how over-the-top (OTT) services impact networks.

    Support for data garnered from fixed networks and Wi-Fi is being developed, it said.