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    Nokia Networks unveils 1GBps small cell


    Nokia Networks has launched what it is calling the world’s first 1GBps small cell, with new services it said will help solve site and operational challenges.

    Its new Flexi Zone outdoor modular base station uses three RF module slots to allow operators to use up to three LTE licensed carrier bands, or a mix of LTE, unlicensed LTE bands and Wi-Fi.

    Among the services it has launched with the small cell is its HetNet Engine Room, which uses 3D street maps to calculate a specific location’s return on investment.

    Another is a point-to-multipoint non-line-of-sight wireless backhaul solution, which was developed by its partner Tarana Wireless and aims to provide cost effective solutions.

    New capabilities for its Intelligent Self-Organising Networks help enable faster deployments with backhaul over public networks and operator networks that do not use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

    Other features include a Grand Master Clock function for the Flexi Zone Controller that reduces the need to deploy timing solutions to each individual cell, which could reduce capex and opex.

    Elsewhere, an energy saving feature allows operators to power down cells at specific times or at low loads.

    Randy Cox, Head of Small Cell Product Management at Nokia Networks, said: “Deploying a small cell on one side of a road can cost ten times more than at a location just a few meters away on the other side of the road.

    “We are bringing a new approach that enables operators to pick the best sites and then deploy small cells and their backhaul quickly and at a much lower cost. Now operators can justify the business case for small cells and improve the return on their network investments.”