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    Nokia’s self-organising software to improve EE’s network reliability


    The UK’s operator’s mobile arm, EE, will use the tech for 4G and 5G.

    Nokia announced that BT’s mobile network, EE, is deploying Nokia’s self-organising network (SON) software to improve network reliability as part of a new vendor deal.

    It will enable EE to “overcome network complexity” by enabling it to better manage its network and automate operations across diverse ecosystems. The automation is intended to minimise and address network issues more cheaply and avoid issues damaging customer experience.

    Automation is key

    Nokia SON is automating network operational tasks and SON modules, such as relationship management of neighbouring radio cells, to ensure error-free handovers, reducing dropped calls and interruptions to services.

    EE can create custom SON solutions using a software development kit (SDK) to manage its multi-vendor, multi-technology network environment without outsourcing the task to contractors.

    Nokia SON has been deployed by more than 100 operators globally: its collaborative partnership with BT, the vendor says, takes a continuous development approach to incorporating the latest analytical procedures into BT’s systems and processes.


    Steve Holmes, RAN Design Director of BT, said, “We see immense opportunities for the ways in which [SON] can support our mobile network to deliver the best experience possible for our customers.

    “Networks are complex ecosystems, with different vendors, technologies, and layers; automating some processes helps to overcome these difficulties.

    “The result will be networks with enhanced customer reliability and service as well as reduced energy consumption. We see our strengthening partnership with Nokia as key to realizing these objectives.”