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    Nokia to build private 5G network for KymiRing Finland


    KymiRing is the largest motorsports and events venue in Northern Europe – the network will cover 180 hectares of circuit area.

    Nokia is to implement an industrial-grade private 5G network at the KymiRing motor racing circuit in Finland.

    It will be completed in 2021 by EDZCOM, a European provider of edge connectivity solutions with particular expertise in broadcasting. It is part of Cellnex, which is probably better known for its towerco business.

    New ways to broadcast

    Markku Pietilä, CEO, KymiRing, said, “With this network investment we will have the capacity to broadcast a live stream of numerous racers at the same time. Nothing on the track will remain beyond coverage and everything can be monitored and controlled in real time,” says .

    The agreement includes deploying Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) private wireless network and edge computing platform.
    “We see this platform as a springboard to build our digital business and develop new services. KymiRing has chosen Nokia as its device supplier given its pioneering technology and security,” Pietilä added.
    “Big events generally require an enormous stake from production companies, who arrive with truckloads of cables and support technology. Thanks to our network improvements, the infrastructure is completed significantly faster as most of the technology is available on site.”

    Test bed for automotive

    According to Pietilä, the digitalised track will allow the transfer of testing data in real time: “We will be able to deliver sensor data via the network directly to any destination in the world, while testing in even demanding conditions.”
    KymiRing offers digitalised testing possibilities on a highspeed Grand Prix circuit and the vehicle dynamics areas – off-road tracks and closed city courses throughout the year in various weather conditions.
    From real-time monitoring to automation

    EDZCOM’s low latency, high throughput systems will be supported by various enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, robotics and automation.
    “Motorsport has a long legacy of being at the forefront of technology innovation. KymiRing is no exception. Implementing 5G will enhance the testing environment for automotive teams and radically transform the viewing experience for fans and spectators,” says Stephan Litjens, General Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia Cloud & Network Services.