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    Nuage’s SD-WAN tipped to be a game changer for footie


    SDNbucks chooses Nuage Networks’ SD-WAN 2.0 platform to provision cloud-based sports analytics for SciSports.

    SciSports is a sports data intelligence company that provides services to various types of professional football organisations. It employs deep learning and computer vision technologies to enrich fans’ experience. The SD-WAN [software-defined wide area network] 2.0 interconnects sports stadia, research and data centres, and the cloud-based application engine hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Nuage Networks launched SD-WAN 2.0 for enterprises last September.

    Real-time analysis

    SciSports’ tracking engine, BallJames, collects, analyses and displays precise on-the-pitch data in real-time about the performance of each football player and the referees, and the movement of the ball. It links to a player recruitment platform, Insight, and a cloud-based data intelligence application programming interfaces (APIs) services.

    All of which demands fast, secure and reliable connectivity, hence the choice of Nokia-owned Nuage Networks’ SD-WAN 2.0, Netherlands-based SDNbucks says. The SD-WAN has in-built redundancy, using virtual and physical customer premise equipment (CPE). SciSports has access to and control of every video and data feed via the Nuage Networks SD-WAN portal; each feed is micro-segmented and encrypted.

    Game changing tech

    The analysed data can be used by coaching staff during the match, while web and TV fans can view stats as they watch. In addition, the Insight platform offers direct access to machine learning algorithms, which quantify potential of more than 90,000 professional footballers around the globe. By suggesting viable transfer targets and recognizing talent at a young age, it supports football experts in expanding their scouting scope.

    Niek van der Ven, CEO of SDNbucks, commented, “Balljames…has the potential to change the way soccer teams manage their rosters and plan their in-game strategies and tactics. The Nokia Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution has also been a game-changer for us, enabling us to provide a simple, secure solution that meets all of SciSports’ stringent requirements with ease.”