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    Operators turn to refurb to meet booming demand during lockdowns



TXO, which supplies refurbished telecoms equipment, has seen a global 25% increase in demand in February, March and April.

    According to TXO, buying refurbished parts is between 60 and 90% cheaper than new kit and parts can be supplied within 24 to 72 hours.


    Kieran Crawford, Group Sales Director, at TXO Systems said, “Over the past three months we’ve seen that [operators] are focusing less on purchasing equipment for new deployments of 5G or FTTx, and are replenishing their stock of current equipment to support resilience and mitigate against network outages.

    “The sharpest rise in requests we’ve seen has been for optical modules, which can increase network capacity and ensure that networks can handle high and unpredictable traffic demands.”

    Legacy and modern

    TXO holds stock of about 1 million multi-vendor, legacy and modern parts, from line cards for backhaul, to optical transceivers, switches, routers, radios and antennas.

    It has subsidiaries in the UK, US, France, Brazil and Australia, and in normal business conditions says it supplies 85% of the world’s tier-one fixed and mobile operators.