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    OPNFV releases new version of its test platform


    The OPNFV virtualisation project has launched the second version of its virtualisation demo platform, offering enhanced test capabilities and new features.

    The project comprises more than 165 developers from operators, solution providers and vendors to help deliver a means to test NFV products and view use cases.

    Release two, dubbed Brahmaputra, brings together code from various NFV communities such as OpenStack, OpenDaylight and ETSI.

    Among the features are support for IPv6 deployment and testing in IPv6 environments, improved fault detection and recovery, and performance enhancements.

    The platform has added system level testing and multiple performance testing frameworks and methodologies.

    Chris Price, Technical Steering Committee Chair, OPNFV and Open Source Manager for SDN, Cloud & NFV, Ericsson, said: “Building on the foundation of Arno, the OPNFV community worked tirelessly to integrate and combine components from multiple communities to deliver Brahmaputra, which brings end-to-end feature realisation.

    “The impact is substantial; we’ve now established methodologies and mechanisms for further cross-project and feature development.”

    Heather Kirksey, Director, OPNFV, added: “The strength of any open source project depends on the community developing it. With an entire industry involved in the development of NFV, we’re seeing more collaboration among key stakeholders across the ecosystem.

    “The strides we made in Brahmaputra create a framework for even more developers to come together and make progress in the journey to NFV.”

    OPNFV said it is planning to release the range of new deployment scenarios monthly, ensuring they become available once the deployments are stable.

    It is also planning a “plugfest” for May, where telcos can collaborate and test interoperability of the different products within the Brahmaputra release.