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    Orange launches Protected Home as part of its multi-service strategy


    Orange France’s new, paid-for remote surveillance service is an add-on to its Connected Home service, which is free to top-end customers.

    Protected Home buildings are linked to a remote surveillance centre which triggers a call-out if needed. It is designed to work with Connected Home, which is already available, free of charge, to customers with Orange’s Livebox 4 (which needs a “simple upgrade” to provide Protected Home services) and Open deal customers.

    Protected Home comprises an “all-inclusive package of equipment, installation, call-out and remote 24/7 surveillance by an APSAD-approved centre (the French risk prevention body)”.

    Christian Bombrun, Orange France Director of Entertainment and New Uses, and President of Protectline, said, “After a successful launch in banking, we are…pleased to…strengthen our strategy as a multi-service operator with the launch of Protected Home and Connected Home, a complementary and coherent range of services for all the family.”

    He added, “This offer will expand in the coming months, but all of our top-end customers can already access Connected Home at no extra cost.”

    Future expansion

    The Protected Home app is initially only available for Android and promised for iOS, customers “soon”. All members of the household can use the app.

    The app allows users to set their alarm remotely and see photos taken by the sensors in case of an intrusion.

    Protected Home offer comes in two fixed-price packages: €25.99 per month for apartments above ground level; and €30.99 per month for a house or ground-level apartment, irrespective of the number of sensors installed.

    Complementary packages

    Protected Home is designed to complement Connected Home, which Orange is working to make compatible with growing number of devices, such as Philips Hue, D-Link, Bosch smarthome and Netatmo as well as Orange-branded products.

    Connected Home also includes smart plugs to control and programme electrical equipment, connected coloured light-bulbs for customisable lighting, movement and door sensors and cameras, to see when members of the family come home.

    It uses ultra-low energy (ULE) technology embedded in the Livebox 4: Orange joined the ULE Alliance in February this year.