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    Orange Romania’s first all-digital mobile brand hits six-month mark


    It claims to have a 90% customer recommendation rate, three time the sales growth of non-digital mobile offer and triple the Net Promoter Score of a typical mobile operator.

    Orange Romania developed the brand in a year with a team of only 15 people and launched last September, building it on the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform. The speed was because it wanted to be first in the market to address this segment.

    Targeted segment

    YOXO was developed by the operator as a way to rapidly growing segment of customers – young, cost-conscious digital natives who don’t want long-term contract commitments.

    Anca Veluda, Head of Digital at Orange Romania, said, “We were looking to do much more than keep our status as the number one telco operator in a highly competitive market. We wanted to create the kind of service offering that drives loyalty and a sense of shared community with our customers”.

    “The MATRIXX platform made it possible for us to build YOXO in a way that harnesses the power of innovation and agile experimentation, with a focus on delivering immediate value for our subscribers when and how they want it.”

    All from the app

    YOXO customers can manage every part of their mobile service from the app, including sign-up, order and SIM activation. Customers can change their subscriptions every month, manage payments and access customer support.
    It can also evolve features, based on customers’ feedback.

    You can read the full case study here and our exclusive interview with Emmanuel Chautard, CTO, Orange Romania here.