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    Orange, Sierra Wireless, LACROIX, and STMicroelectronics launch IoT Continuum


    Their aim is to speed the digital transformation of industry by bringing IoT specialists together under one umbrella.

    Orange, Sierra Wireless, LACROIX, and STMicroelectronics have created the IoT Continuum – a partnership that aims to simplify and accelerate the mass deployment of IoT in Europe and beyond.

    By bringing together expertise across the entire IoT ecosystem (connectivity, hardware, software, design and manufacturing respectively) under one roof, partners of the IoT Continuum will support international businesses to accelerate the deployment and industrialization of Massive IoT over LTE (including Cat M and Cat 1) and 5G.

    Three-step process

    A three-step process (start, prove, deploy and scale) has been put in place by the partners to support businesses’ IoT projects on cellular networks, from ideation to industrialization, without having to liaise with multiple players on the market. IoT Continuum offers a combination of leading industry players who will improve project risk management for businesses. Customers will be able to join the process at any stage, according to their needs.

    As part of these processes, the partners promise to:

    • Provide any business and a vertical of choice with a set of components and solutions validated on the Orange network, and the industrial tools to deploy wide-scale IoT services on cellular networks.
    • Reduce the complexity, development time and cost for businesses to realise IoT use cases by providing pre-integrated building blocks including hardware and software (STMicroelectronics, Sierra Wireless), connectivity and IoT Services (Orange), design and manufacturing (LACROIX)
    • Provide guidance and expertise to ease the overall process and help customers maximise their benefits to scale IoT deployments economically.

    eSIM, 5G, Massive IoT

    The partners will also promote eSIM and 5G technologies to drive Massive IoT and are committed to helping customers develop a digitalised approach on IoT Continuum in areas such as smart buildings, automotive, health, smart cities and smart industries.

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