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    OSS Automation: The Next Step for Telcos on the Road to Digital Transformation


    From the time of the Industrial Revolution, businesses have understood the benefits of automation. It’s a process that brings cost and time savings, and that’s as true for companies delivering high-end technological services today as it was for the mill owners seeking to optimize the production of cloth in 19th century Manchester.

    Today’s telcos have no choice about automating their operations. Rapidly expanding technologies such as the Internet of Things and 5G have blown the market wide open in terms of new revenue opportunities for those who can grasp them, and traditional CSPs understand only too well that, if they don’t grab these chances, others will. In fact, telcos are in a sense already playing a game of catch-up with their over the top (OTT) providers who were born into a cloud environment of virtualization and automation; these OTTs “simply” have to do what they are doing, but faster and better – while some CSPs face the prospect of completely overhauling outdated physical networks and equally old fashioned ways of thinking about business.

    But how, precisely are they to do this? Our new white paper, entitled “On the Road to Zero-touch End to End Network Design and Optimization”, addresses the challenges and considerations that telcos must face up to before implementing any OSS automation. It also provides plain English explanations of the terms and processes involved, and looks at different approaches that CSPs may take in order to achieve their own specific goals.

    Download the white paper here!