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    POST Luxembourg deploys fibre monitoring to limit downtime


    POST Luxembourg is deploying a fibre monitoring solution in key sections of its dark fibre network to improve operational efficiency and service availability.

    The ADVA ALM fibre assurance solution provides precise information about the integrity of critical links of POST Luxembourg’s infrastructure, enabling it to instantly pinpoint and respond to faults.

    Patrick Rausch, project manager, POST Luxembourg, said, “The ADVA ALM is now providing 24/7 assurance for key sections of our dark fibre. It’s a cost-efficient and energy-efficient solution with a compact physical footprint. It’s also flexible and service-agnostic so it doesn’t interfere with any applications utilising our network.”

    He added, “Field technicians can monitor our infrastructure from anywhere in Luxembourg by simply using a secure custom environment running on any tablet PC and remotely identify any areas of concern. We can then take targeted action even before SLA incidents are raised. It’s a useful tool in our mission to limit downtime, improve efficiency and give our customers a crucial competitive advantage.”

    Plug and play

    The ADVA ALM is built on standardised, open management interfaces and has been integrated with POST Luxembourg’s existing network management system.

    Sander Jansen, director, product line management, ADVA, commented, “Specifically engineered to be a simple plug-and-play fibre assurance device, our ALM provides continuous monitoring, enabling operators to know immediately if and where issues arise.

    “This real-time data is key to supervising and assuring dark fibre services, especially when selling higher value service level agreements. What’s more, by reducing truck rolls and carbon footprint, our ALM technology creates value both now and in years to come.”