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Deutsche Telekom enables overnight deliveries to car boots with digital keys


Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems provides part of the solution for the Mobile Identity & Access (MIA) app. It allows tradespeople in Germany to have parts and supplies delivered direct to their vehicle overnight.

MIA was developed with Mov'InBlue, a cooperation between Capgemini and the automotive supplier Valeo. Customers of the wholesaler network GC-GROUP will be able to use the service nationwide in Germany soon, following a Memorandum of Understanding between Mov'InBlue and T-Systems.

Like ordering pizza

Tradespeople can order the parts and supplies they need the next morning via the GC ONLINE PLUS platform. Using the MIA app, the driver of the wholesaler finds the tradesperson’s car and delivers the items using a one-time, encrypted digital key.

"GC-GROUP is a prime example of how digitising the supply chain can further increase customer satisfaction and ensure competitiveness," says Rami Avidan, responsible for the IoT business at T-Systems. "GC simply turns the delivery model upside down. It is now as easy for tradespersons as having a pizza delivered to their home. The order is placed in their trunk overnight."

How it works

MIA uses Mov'InBlue's digital car key and telematics boxes installed in vehicles. The entire process chain from order to proof of delivery is held in Deutsche Telekom's highly secure cloud. The Mov'InBlue cloud generates the unique virtual key for the respective vehicle and the driver receives it via smartphone. The smartphone contacts the telematics box in the tradesperson’s car and the box checks the validity of the key and unlocks the vehicle.

The entire process complies with German data protection guidelines, the companies note.