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India's InMobi buys UK adtech startup Appsumer


Marketing tech consolidates in lieu of 5G

Indian global adtech InMobi has announced it is to buy London-based Appsumer, the inventor of a specialist performance marketing and user-acquisition insights system for mobile app advertisers. Figures have not been disclosed.

According to a Bloomberg report, InMobi is ramping up to a major growth milestone and this deal represents a strategic ‘value-adding’ move ahead of that. 

Appsumer was founded in 2015 by Shumel Lais, a former marketing expert for M&C Saatchi Mobile and Fetch. Lais had been frustrated by the clunky, time-consuming options available for analysing how well his clients' marketing spend was performing. Since then Appsumer has grown rapidly to become the intelligence platform of choice for user acquisition teams at some of the world’s top-grossing consumer mobile apps, including MiniclipPicsart and Viber, it's claimed.

The business was recently named one of the UK’s top 100 startups, ranking 28th.

Where's my marketing data?

Lais’s invention solves the problem all marketers face without effective reporting systems.

 “Traditionally marketers had to download reports from each media channel and then spend hours compiling and fixing the data before they could analyse it and make decisions,” Lais told Bloomberg. Appsumer is a ‘single source of truth’ that simplifies performance marketing for brands by bringing all their spending, from different channels, and campaign data together in one place, making it easier to analyse results and plan more effective campaigns. 

Gathering intelligence is becoming increasingly complex in advertising because of the diversity of data types. As a result the traditional third-party identifiers – who provide this jumbled data - are losing their dominance. It’s crucial that marketers have a clean, crisp view of how their channels are performing, says Lais. So, integrating Appsumer’s tech to InMobi’s all-consuming content, monetisation and marketing stack will improve its customer offering noticeably. 

Wait until Appsumer gets AI

InMobi and Appsumer are to jointly build an operating system that makes user acquisition funnels easier to understand. The plan is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to build prediction power into the platform so that growth marketers can experiment and mix up their portfolio of advertising investments to get the best outcome.  

“I’m excited that Appsumer has the opportunity to get into the hands of even more developers and marketing teams,” said Lais.

Appsumer’s workspace allows customers a single source of truth to track performance, analyse results and use that data to plan more effective campaigns, said Lais.

Abhay Singhal, founder of InMobi Group and CEO of InMobi Marketing Solutions said Shumel and his team have become well-known industry leaders and visionaries in their field and will play an instrumental role in driving InMobi’s next wave of growth and innovation.