Trigenix announces shipment of T4, the world's first truly portable mobile UI and service store


T4 gives service providers a common platform across Symbian, Microsoft and Java to promote new products

Trigenix, the mobile interface company, today announced shipment to customers of T4, the latest evolution of Trigenix technology. T4 is now available for commercial rollout and provides the first practical format for defining handset user interfaces and service stores spanning across all mainstream mobile phones - Symbian, Microsoft and Java - without the need for reformatting. T4 represents a major breakthrough for mobile service providers, freeing them to promote new revenue-generating products in a consistent way across different phones from different manufacturers without expensive and time-consuming changes to the UI design.

Based on the highly successful Trigenix User Interface (UI) solution already in use with operators such as T-Mobile and TMN, T4 now supports Windows Mobile, Java MIDP 1.0 & 2.0 devices and Symbian OS phones. With T4, service providers will be able to deploy revenue-generating own-brand user interfaces and rich content-based themes across 50% of handsets shipping by the end of 2004. The UI and service store builder in T4 is designed to enable service providers to introduce new services to subscribers over the air to the UI, driving up data revenues and improving the overall user experience.

Along with partners Symbian (for Series 60 phones) and Sun Microsystems (for Java), Trigenix has now also established a partnership with Microsoft. Senior Marketing Manager Mobile Devices Division Microsoft, Anne-Marie Duffy explained "Trigenix's availability on Windows Mobile-based Smartphones is an important step in meeting Mobile Operator cross-platform customisation requirements as devices with Windows Mobile software increasingly move into the mainstream. We are pleased to be supporting our partner, Trigenix in this initiative."

"Naturally we are pleased to have the backing of such a large player in the marketplace," said Steve Ives, CEO of Trigenix. "This is the year when the operators will roll out customised user interfaces to seek to improve upon the up-to 10% revenue increases observed by Vodafone on certain Vodafone Live! handsets. Existing solutions require significant reformatting of the onboard user interface content when you move between platforms, because of differing capabilities in these platforms, whereas Trigenix lets an operator or 3rd party create these user interfaces once, and deploy everywhere - across a host standard platforms emerging in the marketplace. T4 therefore significantly streamlines the process of deploying a new user interface across a large fraction of the subscriber base."

In critical areas such as messaging, T4 offers a number of benefits over and above what is provided on a standard open platform handset. These include the ability to provide users with "wizards" which can guide them through the complex MMS creation process, create custom messaging interfaces that simplify text & image transfer and promote extra services from within the messaging environment. Aside from the T4 handset client and UI builder shipments, a new Trigbuilder server solution is also now shipping which includes another first - a Trigpublisher for production-scale delivery of content to handset UIs.