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TMN launches video mailbox system from Openwave


The mobile communication group at Siemens together with Openwave Systems has supplied a 3G/UMTS Video Mailbox System and a Video Termination Gateway for the largest mobile operator in Portugal, TMN.

Siemens mobile has already installed radio and core infrastructure components of the 3G/UMTS network and supplied 3G/UMTS terminals as well as advanced charging and multimedia solutions for TMN and now allows this mobile operator to offer new advanced video services to its 3G/UMTS subscribers.

Starting mid of August 2004 customers of TMN will enjoy next generation video answering service capabilities just as they are used to with traditional voicemail services. The subscribers will be able to record personalized video and audio greetings and retrieve recorded video messages from missed callers with their video enabled handsets such as the Siemens U15.

With the help of a 3G/UMTS Video Termination Gateway installed within TMN’s mobile network users are now also able to retrieve video messages over a web interface on a standard multimedia PC. Furthermore, the 3G/UMTS Video Termination Gateway allows real-time video communication between 3G/UMTS mobile terminals and fixed network terminals such as web cam-equipped PCs, 3G-324M video terminals, and PSTN video phones.

Openwave, a Siemens long-standing partner, provides the voice and video messaging solution that is the basis for the Video Mail System. This solution is an all-IP content based management and Mx infrastructure designed around the Voice XML standard.

Fernando Rodrigues, general manager of corporate business at TMN, said: "We are very pleased to further strengthen our relationship with Openwave and Siemens with this groundbreaking deployment. TMN has a history of leading the mobile market in Portugal with attractive, advanced services. This deployment will enable us not only to launch a new and appealing 3G service but also to benefit from the reliability and efficiency of a single platform for multiple messaging services."

"With approximately five million users TMN holds a very strong GSM market position in Portugal," said Christoph Caselitz, President of Networks within Siemens mobile. "With the installation of an innovative 3G/UMTS video service we are confident to support TMN also to extend their leading position in the 3G/UMTS market field." Siemens is the number one worldwide in terms of network launches. One out of every two 3G/UMTS networks in commercial service throughout the world today comes from Siemens and its technology partner NEC.

Said Rich Wong, general manager of messaging, Openwave: "We’re delighted to be working with Siemens and TMN to introduce a crucial 3G application to a key European market for the first time, and to deliver one of the industry’s first truly integrated messaging deployments. With years of experience at the forefront of IP messaging, Openwave was the first company to build a voice and video messaging platform based on the flexible Voice XML standard. We remain committed to making products that help our customers deliver innovative and easy to use services as simply and cost-effectively as possible."

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