Oksijen's INOX Caller Management/Ring Back Tone solution launched in Turkey


Oksijen’s new product - INOX Caller Management - which was exhibited in a live network at Cebit Eurasia 2004 in August was successfully launched on 24 December 2004 at Telsim network, one of the biggest GSM operators in the Turkish region.

INOX Caller Management is an Intelligent Network (IN) based service which aims to deliver end users a full control of incoming calls in the most flexible and personalized way. The service subscribers can set a wide range of actions for the callers depending on their number, prefix or availability of the caller number in the network (CLIR or unknown numbers). Users can change their service preferences dynamically via WEB interface, SMS or IVR. They can also create personalized profiles such as general, meeting, holiday according to the specific actions they would like to take.
INOX Caller Management solution is compromised of several personalized services such as ring back tone, selective call barring, call forwarding, voice mail service and missed call alert, all handled by the same IN platform. This innovative all-in-one approach makes Oksijens product unique among its competitors over the world.
Oksijen INOX Caller Management reveals new opportunities for mobile operators in terms of new revenue generation and customer acquisition and offers an enhanced way of self expression in using mobile services to individuals and business segments.