Cubic Telecom launches MAXroam SIM card


Cubic Telecom, the global telecoms company, has launched its MAXroam SIM card, which will 'dramatically' reduce costs for people roaming internationally.  MAXroam cuts call charges for both the caller and the call recipient by up to 95% - no matter where they are.  In the first weekend of pre-sale, Cubic Telecom has sold MAXroam SIM cards to consumers in more than 30 different countries around the world from its website at

The MAXroam SIM is the result of years of negotiations with traditional mobile phone companies around the world.  It was designed by a team with extensive knowledge of the mobile market and years of experience in running consumer mobile and wireless networks.

The SIM card allows users to allocate up to fifty local landline numbers from around the world to the user's phone.  A businessman based in Dublin who travels regularly to the USA and Canada can allocate landline numbers from Dublin, New York and Toronto to his MAXroam SIM, meaning that he can be contacted cheaply and directly by colleagues and customers at any time.  His Canadian customers simply call a Toronto number, and his mobile phone will ring wherever he is.  His Irish colleagues simply call a Dublin number, and get connected straight to him - whether he's in Dublin, New York, Toronto or elsewhere. 

Cubic designed the product for several large markets of consumers who are looking for ways to reduce the cost of international telephony: (1) the growing population of émigrés who buy pre-paid calling cards to call friends and family overseas; (2) travellers who are looking for ways to reduce the costs of roaming on traditional packages; and (3) globally distributed teams - commercial, not-for-profit, and governmental organisations - that are seeking better ways to manage the cost of global calls.

 "It's great that we've now reached the stage where we can start selling our MAXroam SIM," says Pat Phelan, CEO of Cubic Telecom.  "The response from consumers has been massive.  Within a few hours of setting our website into pre-sale mode, we were selling hundreds of SIM cards.  75% of enquiries so far have been from small business owners, and we've also had interest from a few Fortune500 companies, as well as many individuals who have family living abroad or spend a lot of time travelling.  This is a great product because it's not only good for your pocket as the user, it's also good for those who are calling you from overseas.  There are no more massive bills for calling mobiles across borders with MAXroam in your phone."

MAXroam, which operates on any unlocked GSM phone, can be purchased for EUR29.99 (with an initial EUR5 calling credit).