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TynTec launches Supernet SMS-C


Mobile messaging services provider TynTec has today announced the launch of Supernet SMS-C, a new distributed SMS-Centre (SMS-C) architecture.  With the new architecture, TynTec is introducing a 'multi-homed' SMS-C capability as well as dynamic routing in the SS7 network, thus enabling TynTec to provide its customers with an improved quality of service in SMS transmission by having several delivery options through different hub operators.

According to TynTec, operators have traditionally housed a single, monolithic SMS-C within their network to manage the reception and distribution of SMS messages to their subscribers. Supernet SMS-C instead operates small, distributed interface units within user networks, each reporting back to a single centralised SMS-C unit hosted on TynTec's own enterprise strength server system.

Supernet SMS-C effectively allows one SMS-C to operate in several hub operators' networks at the same time. The advantage of this model is that messages can be re-routed through lower cost network routes or simply re-directed to different routes for resilience, e.g. when a hub is down.

This distributed architecture also means that Supernet SMS-C can essentially provide SMS in a software as a service (SAAS) model, rather than an in-house technical process.  As an outsourced service, Supernet SMS-C offers a number of benefits over an in-house SMS-C. As well as the reduced cost and management hassle associated with a managed service provision model, Supernet SMS-C means that operators can avoid getting trapped into the costly upgrade and replacement cycle inherent in the licensed software model.

As well as presenting a new outsourcing option for operators, the new SMS-C architecture also gives TynTec an unparalleled level of resilience in its own SMS operations.  The structure enables the company to re-route SMS on the fly to any one of its operator partners using its portfolio of SS7 connections.  In this way TynTec can futher 'armour plate' the delivery guarantees provided as part of its enterprise strength SMS offering.

Thorsten Trapp, CTO of TynTec, said: "Supernet is a true paradigm shift in SMS technology.  For the first time we've moved away from the idea of the SMS-C as a piece of software towards seeing it as a managed service.

"The technical management of SMS is increasingly a non-core activity for operators and Supernet enables the reliable and cost-effective outsourcing of these processes with a distributed SMS-C architecture."