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Sicap develops management tool


Sicap has developed features of its mobile application management tool for the delivery and updating of software to all major phones, regardless of their operating system.

According to Sicap, the announcement comes at a time when operators need to capitalise on the surge of interest in mobile software, triggered by the hype surrounding Apple's iPhone or Google's Android software and the downloading of iPhone-compatible applications from an on-line Apple site.

Tier-one operators and Internet companies are providing new downloadable software applications to leverage the full potential of mobile internet, but are quick to remind that they will only work within a given device's limitations. Sicap says its device management platform addresses the issue by carrying out live capability and 'vital statistics' device checks. Because the Sicap platform supports all device vendor software and device clients, administrators of the platform are fed a complete list of installed applications, their versions as well as other software and hardware details for each device in the network. The Sicap platform is also claimed to allow the subsequent installation, updating or removal of phone clients to ensure that software downloads work first time.  This usability is regularly quoted as being important in order to gain and maintain customer satisfaction, says Sicap.

The knowledge retrieved over-the-air enables an operator to run or to propose campaigns where mobile users receive PC-like actions for software version updating. Users are able to install and remove applications seamlessly, accept prompts for subsequent updating operations and gain control over application usage in an assisted manner.  Because the logical downside of third party applications is an increased risk of malware and virus attacks, Sicap integrates the application 'kill'  facility into its platform, enabling an operator to detect devices concerned in the network, advise affected customers of an attack, then disable and remove malicious programmes.

Sicap CEO Dominique Schmid said that "Sicap is accompanying operators in their strategy to implement new two-sided business models in which third party applications gain mobile network access. Designed to help all telecom players seamlessly exploit "smart-pipe" networks, Sicap business-enabling technologies will ultimately benefit the end-user and help build brand loyalty."

Application management and continuous provisioning of OMA-DM devices are marketed from the Sicap Device Management Center (DMC) and based on OMA DM SCOMO standards as well as proprietary manufacturer implementations. Supported natively by all recent Symbian and Windows Mobile based devices, Sicap says its use of open-standard protocols will encourage the overall development of mobile software and help bring the smart phone market back into balance.

Sicap application management is available as a managed service and can be deployed by an operator as part of a corporate offer for example.