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Mobyko launches online mobile calendar


Mobyko.com has announced the launch of its new online calendar, which is claimed to provide a simple way to keep web and mobile calendars in sync. Mobyko says it already features a synced online address book and photo, video and text galleries, and the addition of the calendar is said to provide a feature rich equivalent of Apple's MobileMe, but for the mobile masses.

Mobile phone calendars have historically been difficult to use, and the new Mobyko calendar is claimed to make it quick and easy to add events to an online calendar and then sync events wirelessly to a mobile handset. This means users can get their life organised on a big screen and then with a single click can move events to a phone for use while they are on the move. All personal data is stored in the cloud, ensuring it is private, secure and always accessible online from anywhere in the world.
Julian Saunders CEO Mobyko.com commented: "Our calendar retains the high quality interface that has become the hallmark of Mobyko. Our experience is exceptionally clean and efficient, but the apparent simplicity of the user interface belies the depth of features that can be discovered with minimal interrogation of the highly intuitive design.  All this adds up to a very useful service that is both fast and efficient to use.
"We believe that by providing big screen access to the mobile calendar we'll encourage users to make better use of their on device calendar, one of the core applications on any mobile phone, but one that is generally massively underused. We are planning integrations into other calendar platforms and contact stores to bring digital calendars into the 21st century. Unlike MobileMe, Mobyko has created an inclusive experience that works on most phones and networks, providing a platform that offers total freedom for the management of personal data."