5G at t'mill as Telia shows how tech could benefit timber sector


Telia Company has shown how 5G could increase the operational efficiency of wood mills, in its latest demonstration of the technology.

It worked with Stora Enso, using its Oulu mill to deliver real-time information about equipment performance to a virtual model. It said this model would help improve the operational reliability of the mill.

The operator said its Helsinki-based Data Centre would act as a platform for services in the 5G-era. 

Janne Koistinen, Head of 5G program at Telia Finland, said: "With our pilots at Stora Enso’s Oulu mill, we have explored the area where IoTand 5G solutions will most likely produce the first breakthroughs in introducing new, more effective processes.

"Solutions based on the collection, transfer and analysis of real-time data are the key to renewing industrial processes."

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Last week Telia Company launched a 5G New Radio network at the HJK Helsinki football stadium.

It has been trialling use cases using the 3.5GHz and 26GHz band.

In the coming weeks, operators will have the opportunity to bid for 3.5GHz spectrum at auction.

The operator said at the launch that it would work with Nokia in the coming months to strengthen the network around the HJK stadium.

Earlier this week, Orange's Belgium held demonstrations of 5G technology witnessed by Group CEO Stéphane Richard. It used the technology to balance balls, drive toy cars and broadcast video.

However, the CEO of Orange Poland separately warned that he needed greater clarity on spectrum allocation ahead of the country's forthcoming auction.