Skyhook and PlaceIQ to combine location databases for developers and advertisers


"PlaceIQ shows who the people are and what they are doing, while SpotRank shows how many are actually present at any given time and place."

Skyhook, the world leader in location information, context and intelligence, today announced that it has teamed up with PlaceIQ to layer SpotRank’s location usage data over PlaceIQ’s location intelligence. The two data engines serve as complements, where SpotRank provides aggregate usage behavior down to 50 meters and PlaceIQ adds detailed context about the dynamic attributes of the location and its audience profile.

PlaceIQ transforms location into context, providing a deep understanding of the actual dynamic context of a specific hyper local location. PlaceIQ enables highly-efficient, privacy-friendly mobile audience targeting, improved relevancy in ad selection, as well as the ability to turn location-aware mobile impressions into valuable audience profiles and context. These capabilities result in a more targeted and effective mobile media spend, better relevancy and optimization in ad serving, and increased monetization of supply side inventory. PlaceIQ shows who the people are and what they are doing, while SpotRank shows how many are actually present at any given time and place.

SpotRank is a data intelligence service from Skyhook powered by tens of millions of devices making hundreds of millions of location requests per day over several years. SpotRank predicts the density of people in predefined urban square-block areas worldwide at any hour, any day of the week. No other data source is available that assembles aggregate mobile request traffic with comparable accuracy and completeness. In fact, no other company even attempts to open up their data sources for public use and analysis.

“Skyhook and PlaceIQ share a common belief and understanding as to the huge value location data can provide across a spectrum of industries and applications,” said Duncan McCall, co-founder and CEO of PlaceIQ. “Skyhook's digital busyness data is a very powerful input into the PlaceIQ context engine, and provides a much deeper understanding of the context of a location by enabling PlaceIQ to better understand the actual busyness patterns of a location, and how and why those change over time.”

Also very important to PlaceIQ is the anonymous nature of Skyhook's data, meaning it contains no user information or personal information, and does not track individual users. Maintaining a privacy-friendly approach to location context is at the core of PlaceIQ and Skyhook’s approach.

“Laying our SpotRank data over PlaceIQ’s has created a powerful tool for developers and advertisers,” said Ted Morgan, founder and CEO of Skyhook. “The combination provides insight into human behavior that has never existed before.”