Taqua, Mavenir prep new VoWiFi products


Taqua and Mavenir have launched new voice over Wi-Fi products, coinciding with this year's LTE World Summit. 

Taqua's VoWiFi virtual mobile core for UMTS-based networks allows consumers to make calls over Wi-Fi networks via their native dialer, rather than by opening an app.

The vendor said the product, which follows on from its CDMA solutions launched by US carrier Sprint earlier this year, is currently being trialled by both wireless and broadband operators.

Users of the product can connect through any existing Wi-Fi access point and operators can reduce strain on their networks, as well as increase coverage range and capacity.

John Hoadley, Wireless CTO at Taqua, said: “There are significant advantages for wireless and emerging competitive mobile carriers to utilise a seamless ‘Wi-Fi-first’ model for mobile voice and messaging.

“All service providers should take full advantage of Wi-Fi, as it’s the largest network in the world. It is a very cost effective approach for carriers to combat the OTTs and to improve their coverage for voice and messaging services everywhere.”

Meanwhile, Mavenir has launched its evolved packet core data gateway (ePDG), allowing a user to connect securely and move between an LTE and Wi-Fi network.

The vendor said the product forms part of its IMS converged voice product range that can be used by operators to provide VoWiFi and VoLTE products.

An increasing number of operators are launching VoWiFi products, with UK operators EE and Three set to launch their own later this year.

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Apple's forthcoming iOS8 will also support Wi-Fi calling.

Pardeep Kohli, Mavenir’s President and CEO, said: "Globally, operators are trying to manage mobile subscribers’ demand for ubiquitous service access while dealing with tremendous surge in mobile data usage.

“We believe ePDG and converged access to IMS are logical extensions of VoWi-Fi, as mobility is becoming a key differentiator for operators.”