Telia brings fresh 5G network to Oulu with industry in mind


Telia is opening a new 5G network in Finland and aiming at industrial companies to trial the connectivity.

The operator is working with Nokia on the network, which Telia claimed will result in the Oritkari-Nuottasaari area of Oulu becoming one of the world's first industrial environments.

It said industrial companies and logistics businesses will be able to use the network to develop digital operating models and innovative business practices.

Janne Koistinen, 5G Programme Director, Telia Finland, said: "We estimate that the first applications of 5G can be found in an industry where automation, remote process management and versatile real-time data usage benefit from the minimal delay and top speed of 5G.

"Oulu's strong ecosystem and the operators' open-mindedness in the introduction of new technologies accelerated our decision to continue the deployment of 5G in Oulu."

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Rauno Jokelainen, VP, Smart Radio Development Unit, Mobile Networks at Nokia, added: "Oulu is one of the key locations for research and development of Nokia 5G technology and mobile network products globally.

"The strong start-up culture of the Oulu region and close cooperation between the city, the university and the businesses in the region have enabled a unique ecosystem to be created in Oulu.

"Among other things, the ecosystem has built an open 5G test network, where companies in the area collaborate to generate new products and services."

In September, Telia held a 5G demonstration with logging company Stora Enso to show how the technology could increase the operational efficiency of its mills.

It also launched a pre-commercial 5G network at a Helsinki football stadium in the same month.