There's a tiny 1.5GB hard drive in the phone

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the first-ever mobile phone (model: SPH-V5400) with an internal hard disc drive. The company's latest innovation, which also comes with a mega-pixel camera, is currently being exhibited at the ITU Telecom Asia 2004 from September 6 to 11 at the Busan Exhibition and Conference Center (BEXCO).

The V5400 is equipped with a 1-inch diagonal, 1.5GB hard disc drive that greatly expands the memory capacity of mobile phones from the conventional 100MB maximum capacity.  In addition, the phone boasts a high-resolution (QVGA) 2.2-inch liquid crystal display and includes features, such as MP3 player, electronic book and Korean-English/English-Korean dictionaries.  A powerful microphone enhances the camcorder function, while dual speakers provide a 3D sound effect.

The breakthrough product will be available for Korean consumers in mid-September.

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Strategic relationship intended to strengthen security of laptops, removable media, personal digital assistants and smartphones

Entrust, a world-leading provider of Identity and Access Management solutions, and Pointsec Mobile Technologies, the worldwide de facto standard for mobile device security, today announced a new strategic technology, sales and marketing relationship to address the growing need for protecting data on mobile devices. Bringing together their award-winning security capabilities, the two companies will develop and market data security products designed to protect information in laptop, desktop, PDA and server environments.

Under the agreement, Entrust has added three new products based on Pointsec’s award-winning technology to its Entrust Entelligence product portfolio. The new products provide organisations with the ability to automatically protect data at rest on laptops, desktops, and removable media and mobile devices such as PDAs without the need to rely on users to take additional actions that might impact their productivity. This allows organisations to more easily comply with government and industry regulations while securely enabling their mobile workforce by encrypting data both at rest as well as in transit.

The three new Entrust Entelligence products being announced are:
·  Entrust Entelligence Disk Security is a laptop and desktop PC security solution that automatically and transparently encrypts a computer’s hard-disk to protect it from information theft or disclosure. In the CSI/FBI 2004 Computer Crime and Security Survey, 49 percent of organisations reported laptop theft occurrences in the previous year (not counting loss), and 10 percent reported theft of proprietary information.

· Entrust Entelligence Media Security enforces enterprise security policy for removable media devices such as USB drives and removable hard-disks, encrypting data stored on such media. In a recent report, Gartner warned that portable storage devices pose a serious security threat and recommend that suitable policies be adopted such as confirming the need for passwords and encryption of stored corporate data.

· Entrust Entelligence Mobile Security automatically and transparently protects the contents of mobile devices running Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems, whether on personal digital assistants or smartphones. Increasingly, such devices can not only carry contact lists but also spreadsheets and corporate databases.

Together with the Entrust Messaging Solution capabilities for the RIM Blackberry platform, Entrust offers unmatched coverage across a broad range of today’s mobile platforms.

According to John Girard, vice president and research director at Gartner: “The typical workstation or mobile device contains a wealth of sensitive information. If a laptop, PDA or smartphone is lost or stolen, the enterprise and user must deal with the loss and liability of timely and strategic information in addition to the cost of the device itself.”

Combined with Entrust’s existing products that deliver strong user authentication, secure network access and secure messaging, the three new Entrust Entelligence products provide a comprehensive suite for mitigating the risk of corporate data loss, disclosure and data corruption. These capabilities are a strategic fit for Entrust by more tightly integrating key compliance features, such as centralised policy management and enforcement, into Entrust solution portfolios. This helps to provide customers with a holistic security approach that incorporates both automated compliance technology in addition to strong authentication and encryption capabilities.

 “Together with Entrust, known for leadership in the security industry, Pointsec will be empowered to take our products to broader markets and drive the evolution of our technology. This is why we have great expectations for this partnership to have a significant effect on our company’s growth.”said Peter Larsson, CEO of Pointsec Mobile Technologies. “Our complementary technologies are a great fit, and both companies are committed to combining our security technologies in innovative ways for the benefit of our customers.”

“The addition of the market-leading capabilities of Pointsec’s products to the Entrust portfolio allows us to address a greater range of security issues for our customers,” said Eric Skinner, Vice President, Secure Data Solutions at Entrust. “We look forward to a continued close relationship with Pointsec, leveraging our combined strengths to bring effective new products to market in order to help organisations reduce the risk to their sensitive data.”

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Samsung Electronics, announced today that it has developed a 2.5Gigabit (Gb) four-die multi-chip package (MCP) designed for use in third generation mobile phones. Samsung's newest MCP, with 2Gbs of NAND Flash and 512Mbs of mobile DRAM, is the highest capacity memory device currently available for mobile applications

By combining more multimedia data storage at a low power consumption rate, this MCP offers cell phone designers the ability to add new functionality to next generation mobile phones without sacrificing space or performance.

The MCP encompasses two 1Gb NAND flash memory devices for data storage and two 256Mb mobile DRAMs that serve as a temporary buffer, for a total of four dies stacked in a single chip package. The new device operates on as little as 1.8 volts, yet can fully support the transmission of quarter video graphics array (QVGA) quality video for up to four hours of video data.

Samsung's new high density MCP helps handset manufacturers stay competitive by enabling a higher level of functionality in phone features such as still cameras and video data services.  Digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), also supported by this MCP, has also become a common service option for mobile phones and is quickly spreading to other portable devices such as PDAs and to receivers in automobiles.  All of these products inevitably require sophisticated memory technology such as the high densities, flexibility and smaller footprint that MCPs solutions deliver. 

The market research firm, IDC, forecasts that sales of 3rd-generation mobile phones will see 67% CAGR from 2004 to 2008.  Samsung is positioned to offer total mobile memory solutions through its competitive product portfolio ranging from DRAMs, SRAMs, UtRAMs and flash memories.       

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Smartner has added major capabilities to its Duality mobile office solution to help mobile professionals increase work efficiency and customer responsiveness. The new Smartner Duality 4.0 is the first solution to enable wireless push-calendar functions on Symbian smartphones. In addition, Smartner Duality 4.0 features corporate network load reduction for large installations, security enhancements and support for global languages

“Our vision is to bring an easy to use and affordable mobile office solution to our customers for wide-scale deployment,” said Paul Hedman, CEO of Smartner. “I am proud to introduce Smartner Duality 4.0 which is a big step towards that goal. Our solution is proven to increase our customers’ efficiency, responsiveness and save deployment costs. I encourage everyone to try it and start reaping the benefits of mobile office now.”

Together with real-time email and other corporate data, mobile professionals using Symbian-based devices can now also access their personal organiser. Answering the ever rising demand for mobile calendar access, this function is available on Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones for both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino environments

With Smartner Duality 4.0, all calendar events are pushed to and from the mobile device automatically, without no need to synchronise the device. In addition, users can now accept, decline, and create new meeting requests from the device.

In addition to email-based firewall tunnelling, which provides an ultra-rapid installation of Duality without any changes in corporate firewall, direct TCP-based firewall tunnelling is now available. Direct TCP-based firewall tunnelling enables considerably lower workload on corporate email servers in large installations. Also, a more efficient Duality Enterprise Server can now serve thousands of users considerably reducing the costs of deployment in comparison to competing solutions.

Smartner Duality extends corporate-level security to the mobile devices and provides enterprise administrators with tools to manage this security. As a new enhancement in this direction, now the enterprise administrator is enabled to remotely send commands to the mobile device to lock or delete information in case of device loss or theft.

Smartner Duality 4.0 now works in all language environments ranging from Russian to Arabic and Chinese making it a perfect solution for deployment in multicultural environments.

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Shazam Entertainment, the innovative mobile music service, today announced the launch of the world’s first ‘Tag to Download’ service, in partnership with Mean Fiddler, Britain’s largest live music organiser.

The deal will enable users to tag a song using Shazam’s music recognition service and download the full chosen track or ringtone from the Mean Fiddler website – elevating the ubiquity of mobile phones to distribute and promote mobile music to another level.

Once a track has been tagged using Shazam’s 2580 service, the user receives a reverse-charge SMS with a short code to text to download their chosen track from Mean Fiddler website. This is the first time mobile users will be able to ‘tag’ a song and download it directly from the Internet.

Dean James, Chief Operating Officer, Mean Fiddler said, “We are looking forward to working alongside Shazam to provide this innovative service to music lovers across the UK. We plan to extend our services across Europe, the US and Asia, and this deal testifies to our commitment to achieving that goal. The service is simple to use and a great way to promote music through mobile and online technology.”

Matt McCann, Business Affairs Director at Shazam Entertainment, added, “Mean Fiddler is a well known and trusted company within the industry and this latest deal highlights the ever-increasing benefits that mobile technology provides for consumers and artists alike. It is the first time a campaign like this has been implemented and these developments are an example of the accessibility of music, enabling users to digitally download material at their leisure.”

All downloads will cost £1.50 and will appear on the users’ monthly bill.

Shazam already boasts a world’s first in music recognition technology, and has successfully introduced a consumer service to thirteen countries, including the UK, and has attracted more than a million users. Shazam’s technology allows music fans to use any mobile phone to identify a track, simply by pointing it at the music source and dialing a short code (e.g. 2580 in the UK or 44933 in Italy). The user receives an SMS ‘tag’ within seconds, giving details of title and artist. In the UK alone, consumers have already ‘tagged’ more than 4 million tracks.

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Kodiak Networks, the leading provider of advanced wireless systems and Orange, one of the world's largest mobile communications companies, today announced that Kodiak is powering Orange's Talk Now service, the first advanced push-to-talk over GSM system in Europe.

Commercial availability of the Talk Now service in the UK follows a nine-month trial with key Pan European enterprise and business customers including NHS Lothian in the UK.

Today, Talk Now handsets become available to Orange business customers in the UK through the Orange Business Solutions channel. The service will be available in Orange retail stores later in the year. Talk Now uses a suite of Kodiak Advanced Voice Services that enable faster voice calls to individuals and groups, instant conference calling and availability updates of coworkers, customers, suppliers, friends and family in seconds.

The Orange Talk Now service is powered by Kodiak’s Real-Time Exchange (RTX) System, which enables an entirely new category of Advanced Voice Services, including PTT, with offerings that include:

Instant Availability – Ability to see who’s available to receive a call
Instant Calling – Real-time “Push to Talk” calling
Instant Conferencing – Real-time conferencing with members of a group
Instant Contact Management – Create contact and group distribution lists directly on the handset

Five handset manufacturers have been announced by Orange to provide the Talk Now service including Alcatel, LG, Nokia, PalmOne and Sagem. These advanced voice services will be offered to customers through a variety of attractive pricing plans designed to meet different usage requirements.

Frank Bowman, Vice President of Advanced Services Delivery for the Orange Group stated, “Kodiak were able to offer us the initial functionality we required to develop and commercially launch Talk Now in the right time frame. They mobilized themselves very quickly and offered a robust technological solution that answered an identified customer need.”

Craig Farrill, CEO of Kodiak Networks added, “Orange’s Kodiak-powered Talk Now services offer customers advanced voice feature functionality that is unprecedented in Europe. In addition to instant calling, business users, consumers and the service industry will benefit from these premium services including instant availability, instant conferencing, and contact and group management directly from the handset.”

In addition to the UK, Orange’s Talk Now service is due to launch this calendar year in France, then followed by Orange’s operations in Switzerland, the Caribbean, Jordan (Mobilecom), the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Belgium (Mobistar) and the Dominican Republic.

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Worldwide mobile phone sales surpassed 156.4 million units in the second quarter of 2004, a 35 per cent increase from the second quarter of 2003, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner analysts said all regions experienced healthy sales of mobile phones in the second quarter.

"In mature markets, such as Western Europe and North America, sales of replacement handsets ensured strong results, while spectacular growth in emerging markets, notably Latin America, further boosted unit sales," said Ben Wood, principal analyst for mobile terminals research at Gartner.

In the second quarter of 2004, Nokia suffered a decline in market share compared with the second quarter of last year (see Table 1). However, the company did increase its market share from the first quarter of this year (when its market share totalled 28.9 percent per cent).

"Nokia's price cuts gave it a small gain in market share compared to the first quarter, although the average selling price of its handsets fell in the second quarter," said Wood. "Motorola maintained the second position based on its strong performance in the Americas, but Gartner expects Samsung to be battling with Motorola for the No. 2 position for the remainder of the year."

Motorola's market share slipped slightly in the second quarter compared with the first quarter of this year as it focused on profitability. It experienced a solid quarter with strong performances in North America and Latin America, but it lost market share in China.

Samsung had a successful quarter in terms of shipments; however, Gartner's analysis showed that not all of this volume reached end users, resulting in a gap between sell-in volumes and end-users sales in North America. Gartner analysts said this backed up inventory should sell through in the third quarter.

On a regional basis, the Western European market is being driven by consumers who got their first mobile phones in 2000 and 2001, and now they're upgrading to smaller colour screen phones with built-in cameras that have become available at much lower prices.

Brazil continued to be the driving force in Latin America, although Mexico also contributed strong sales in the region. Other countries, such as Argentina, are showing signs of recovery from the economic downturn.

In North America, replacement sales were high as operators subsidised enhanced handsets, and consumers were willing to upgrade to devices with more features, especially camera phones.

Reflecting seasonal trends, Asia Pacific mobile phone sales were down slightly from the first quarter of 2004. In China, the government's efforts to control the economy weakened demand for consumer electronics goods, such as mobile phones. In mature markets, such as Taiwan, Singapore and Australia, people held off on buying new phones as they hope for further price reductions or increases in subsidies.

More than 300 million mobile phones have been sold in the first half of 2004, and Gartner analysts have projected year-end sales to reach approximately 620 million units. However, the analysts said if current momentum is maintained worldwide sales could reach 650 million units. If mobile phone sales exceed 650 million units this year, it could result in excess inventory that could harm sales in the first half of 2005.

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Download to Sony Ericsson Smart Phones Includes New Languages

Zi Corporation, a leading provider of intelligent interface solutions, today announced the availability of a new updated and advanced version of the successful and award-winning eZiTap Front End Processor (FEP), a downloadable version of the Company’s embedded eZiTap predictive text software offered in 38 unique language databases.

The new version 2 of the eZiTap FEP is now available and accessible through Handango and its more than 100 download portals. Version 2, complete with several new unique features to make text entry even faster and now available in seven additional languages, works on the feature-rich and highly successful Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 series of smart phones. 

The original downloadable eZiTap FEP was recently named "Best Productivity Application" for the Symbian OS" (Operating System) by Handango in the 2004 Handango Champion Awards.  The new, advanced Version 2 includes several features added due to popular demand such as French and German language capabilities in addition to English (with Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian available in coming weeks), dual language messaging, next word prediction and "smarter" punctuation that predicts contractions and other punctuation as text entry occurs.

Clint Patterson, Vice President, Marketing of Handango noted that the eZiTap FEP title has been one of its most popular applications and is often listed on the best-sellers list on Handango.

"The advances in eZiTap will add to an already outstanding product," Clint Patterson, Vice President, Marketing of Handango.  "A panel of industry experts judged eZiTap to be an exceptional application, awarding it the Handango Champion Award for Best Symbian OS Productivity Application.  I am certain that Handango customers will once again be pleased with this product."

Glen M. Morgan, Zi Corporation Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, said the advances in the new version of the eZiTap FEP were made specifically to increase its usability and extend its market to consumers around the world.

"Smart phone devices are expected to be the dominant handsets on the world market in the very near future and innovations such as these will help continue to position Zi as the leading innovator in the predictive text technology sector," Morgan said.  "We are responding with features that our users need and are demanding.  We have built our global reputation on our ability to respond quickly to the market and to customize our products to user needs.  This new product is another validation of that ability." 

The eZiTap FEP is a downloadable version of the Companys embedded eZiTap predictive text software which is available in 38 unique language databases. The eZiTap FEP serves as a front end processor to offer predictive text entry through the phone's virtual keyboard. The download version is available for Sony Ericsson's series of P800 and P900 smart phones and can be purchased through, and other Handango affiliate portals. 

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...NetTest Launches CMA 3000 and Secures First Order

NetTest, a leading worldwide provider of testing, monitoring and management solutions for advanced and converged networks, today announced the launch of its CMA 3000, its next-generation field tester for mobile networks. The launch is further reinforced by a major mobile operator placing the first order.

The CMA 3000 is NetTest's new portable, compact and user-friendly all-in-one field tester for mobile networks designed specifically for technicians who install and maintain mobile-access, fixed-access and transmission networks, and switching. The NetTest CMA 3000 has the unique ability to maintain and optimise existing networks and test networks while they are in operation, allowing operators to pinpoint problems faster and subsequently reduce network downtime.

The intuitive, scalable platform of the CMA 3000 increases testing flexibility and reliability at the same time improving operational productivity. The scalable platform also provides operators with an unrivalled upgrade path as needs and network technologies develop, enabling operators to slash capital investment.

"We're proud to announce the launch of the CMA 3000 and that we have secured our first order. This gives us a strong foundation for further expanding our market position within field testers for mobile and fixed networks", says Jacob Krogsgaard, vice president of the Networks business unit at NetTest. Krogsgaard adds, "The CMA 3000 builds on the proven know-how and experience of the NetTest Lite 3000 family, one of the world's most popular field testers. This immediately gives our customers a vast range of features and functionality."

About CMA 3000:

CMA 3000 is NetTest's next-generation field tester. It's designed specifically for field technicians who install and maintain mobile-access and fixed-access networks, transmission networks and switching. The CMA 3000 is a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, including fast first-aid troubleshooting to comprehensive, in-depth and all-layer analysis of transmission problems.

The modular design of the CMA 3000 provides operators with a clear and cost-effective upgrade path. This allows operators to expand the CMA 3000 from a full-featured transmission line quality tester into an advanced signalling analyser.

CMA 3000 highlights:
- GSM, GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, ATM, IP and Frame Relay testing
- Test interfaces for SDH, PDH, Ethernet and data interfaces
- Intuitive user interface, with large colour touch-screen display and easy-to-understand graphical symbols
- Comprehensive out-of-service testing for installation, provisioning and propagation time analysis
- In-service, bi-directional monitoring at all speeds for fast troubleshooting, traffic monitoring, identification of synchronisation problems and error performance measurement
- Performance analysis
- Physical line monitoring
- Easy-to-install options
- Powered by a high-capacity LiIon battery

CMA 3000 is available from 1st September 2004.

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Nokia today expanded its TETRA terminal product range by introducing the new Nokia THR880i hand portable radio at the Tampere Safety and Security Fair in Finland.

Incorporating a GPS receiver, the Nokia THR880i radio allows TETRA command and control to locate and track radio users, such as emergency services personnel. Radio users can also send their coordinates to a predefined address simply by pressing a button.

With the Nokia THR880i radio, public safety professionals can benefit from many of the latest usability innovations in mobile devices. With its 130 x 130 pixel, 65,356 color display and XHTML browser, the Nokia THR880i can show color pictures, graphics as well as XHTML and HTML pages even in varying light conditions.

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Wavecom, a worldwide provider of integrated technology solutions for wireless voice and data applications, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Plextek, one of the leading independent electronics design companies of telemetry products and systems in Europe.

As part of this agreement, Plextek becomes Wavecom's certified design house, offering design, development and integration for Wavecom's products. The partnership will enable Wavecom to extend the range of services it offers to customers and provide the additional benefit of Plextek's specialist expertise in applications design.

Plextek, based near Cambridge, UK, has an extensive history of designing communication products, particularly those employing GSM/GPRS systems, such as telephone and gaming multimedia terminals, tracking, telematic projects, remote data and machine-to-machine applications.  Plextek holds BS EN ISO9001:2000 certification and is an approved supplier to a range of government departments and utilities including the DTI, MOD and the Home Office in the UK. It is a full member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), participating in the development and generation of standards.


As part of its global strategy, Wavecom partners with design houses specialising in wireless communications in order to provide a broader range of services to its customers.  Any design companies selected by Wavecom are trained and then approved "certified design house".  With proven expertise and knowledge in Wavecom's technology and products, Plextek is able to offer complementary services in electronics design, applications development, technical support and consultancy. Wavecom will refer to Plextek customers who require assistance and value-added services with wireless connectivity and telemetry products using Wavecom's solutions.


Plextek is the first design consultancy to become a Wavecom-certified design house for vertical applications acting on a worldwide basis, with its main focus currently on the EMEA region.  Wavecom trained and supported Plextek in the design of wireless systems based on Wavecom's technology.  With expertise in complete product development and testing, Plextek can assist users of Wavecom's technology with design, development and integration into a wide variety of applications such as machine-to-machine telemetry/telecommand, remote monitoring and wireless local loop products. This breadth of knowledge will ensure customers with an optimised, cost-competitive design and rapid time to market. Together, Wavecom and Plextek can provide the optimum solution allowing customers to broaden their telemetry solutions portfolio.


Pierre Piver, Group Vice President, Vertical Applications Business Unit, Wavecom, commented, "We are very pleased to have Plextek on board as our first certified design house for vertical applications. Wavecom and Plextek recognise the complementary nature of their respective offerings, capabilities and market goals. There is great opportunity to leverage our product lines, technologies, market presence and communication activities and we will work together to develop and share joint leads on the vertical markets.  This is a technical, business and marketing relationship that will result in benefits to both our own businesses and our customers."

David Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director, Plextek said: "We are delighted to be working with Wavecom who is a world leader in integrated wireless solutions. This partnership reaffirms Plextek as a significant force in the telemetry and communications product design markets. Both companies are working to the same goal, to provide customers with the most forward thinking technology and design available in the wireless market. Through joint developments and a joint 'go-to-market' strategy we will be able to provide a broader range of products to Wavecom customers and increase sales opportunities for both organisations."

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Infocube announced today at the Visiongain conference on the future phone devices that the full 3D phone is now a reality.

Speaking at the event Dr Gordon Ross, founder of Infocube said, “Finally the mobile phone devices have matured to a stage where full 3D interaction is practical. Now the screens are of the right resolution, the onboard memory is sufficient and the joystick control has evolved to make 3D interaction on the phone not just practical but enjoyable. We have now moved to the third generation of mobile handset, that is more than adequate for 2.5G and 3G networks. Now not just rich content but rich content and effective navigation can be delivered to mobile devices making them full infotainment devices.”

Mobile operators at last have something to encourage users upgrade to smarter phones, not over an extended period but possibly in the space of a few short years. The advantages of a true 3D interface are so significant once users see them demonstrated they will demand them. Like black and white TV once colour was introduced, no one will want to put up with a flat 2D experience when even today’s phones support full 3D interaction and over the air contact and software delivery.

Said Ross, “We think handset manufacturers and mobile operators have significantly underestimated what existing handsets are capable of delivering. Some are spending millions on research and development on future phones when there already exist full 3D interactive experiences on mobile devices ready to be deployed for this Christmas. The future phone has now arrived and it is a device with a 3D interface.

Infocube announced their fill ICE 2.0 (information, communication and entertainment phone) at the Visiongain Mobile Content 2004 event in June 2004. ICE runs on both Symbian and Windows mobile phones and delivers a consistent experience for both Operating Systems.

In July 2004 Infocube announced ICELITE 2.0 with all the functionality and 3D interaction of ICE, but a lightweight version that runs on any Symbian/Nokia series 60 mobile phone.

Infocube are inventors of the 3D interface for both WEB and mobile phone and are working on Linux and Flash versions for both ICE and ICELITE.

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Enpocket, the leading mobile marketing solutions provider, has unveiled the findings from the latest Mobile Media Monitor.  The quarterly analysis from Enpocket Insight helps marketers and mobile network operators understand the changing patterns of mobile usage. 

The latest report show that, contrary to popular belief, mobile phone penetration is still growing in the UK.  Penetration is up from 72% in October 2003 when the first Mobile Media Monitor was conducted, to 82% today.  The older demographics are leading this growth.  Penetration in the 65+ age group has risen by 35% - from 43% to 58%.

Mobile phones are also being used in more sophisticated ways by consumers.  MMS usage has more than doubled from 9% in the first study to 19% today.  This is highly correlated to the increased penetration of camera phones - penetration of camera phones has also more than doubled from 12% to 26%.  This trend is being led by the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups.

Bluetooth is another advanced feature that is being used more frequently.  7% of consumers are now using bluetooth compared to 3% in October 2003.

The Mobile Media Monitor highlights the increasing importance of mobile content to the consumer.  13% of mobile phone owners have downloaded a polyphonic ring tone, up from 6%, and 5% have downloaded a Java game, up from 3% in the first Mobile Media Monitor.

The analysis also uncovers increased media interactivity via the mobile phone.  8% of respondents have used SMS with a TV station, up from 6%, and 4% have interacted with a radio show using the medium, up from 2%.

"As mobile consumers mature and start to use their devices in more advanced ways, the opportunities for marketers are broadening.  Mobile Media Monitor continues to enable our clients to keep their finger on the pulse and consequently decipher which forms of mobile marketing work best for their audience," said Jonathon Linner, CEO, Enpocket.

Phase 4 of the Mobile Media Monitor (UK) analysis was based on 1,000 telephone interviews undertaken by ICM for Enpocket Insight in July 2004, and relates to the period May 2004 - July 2004.  The base was representative of UK mobile phone usage.

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TeliaSonera has signed a three-year Nordic frame agreement with Skanska on the provision of both fixed and mobile telephony services in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The value of the agreement is approximately SEK 240 million.

The agreement concerns both fixed and mobile telephony services in all the Nordic countries, and it makes TeliaSonera the largest provider of telecommunications services to Skanska.

As a result of the agreement, TeliaSonera wins a completely new account in Denmark, wins back Skanska's mobile services in Sweden, and expands its customer relationship with the Group in Finland and Norway.

"We are very pleased with the agreement with Skanska. This is the first time that TeliaSonera signs an agreement on the provision of both fixed and mobile telephony services in all the Nordic countries", says Terje Christoffersen, Group Vice President, Marketing, Products and Services, TeliaSonera AB.

"This is the first time Skanska enters into a pan-Nordic agreement with a telecommunications operator. TeliaSonera satisfies Skanska's demands and has the products and services we need in the entire Nordic market. The agreement allows us to cut our costs, which is something we are intensively striving for in general", says Torsten Alvelid, Head of IT Infrastructure, Skanska AB.

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