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    Progress report: O-RAN Alliance goes for bronze


    The organisation rounds up its advances, from new and updated standards to a white paper outlining use cases and deployment scenarios.

    According its half yearly report on progress, “O-RAN working groups and the O-RAN Software Community have extensively engaged to achieve tight alignment between the specifications and the Bronze release open source code”.

    In June, working with the Linux Foundation, the O-RAN SW Community published its second software release, Bronze, which supports new elements of the O-RAN architecture and provides updates to align with the latest O-RAN specifications.

    The details are here.

    Building consensus

    “The new use cases, the Bronze software release, and the new O-RAN Alliance members are indications that this global forum is working exactly as intended, reaching across borders to drive innovation and build consensus,” said Andre Fuetsch, Chairman of the O-RAN Alliance and CTO – Network Services, AT&T.

    He added, “As this coalition evolves, we look forward to seeing how it continues to broaden access to 5G and other new access technologies.”

    The Alliance has also welcomed new members including Canada’s TELUS Communications and US Cellular, bringing its membership of operators to 26 out of the more then 200 companies engaged in its efforts.

    In February 2020 it published the O-RAN Use Cases and Deployment Scenarios white paper introduces the initial set of O-RAN use cases and cloud native deployment support options. The white paper introduces the O-Cloud cloud computing platform that can host relevant O-RAN functions to enable flexible deployment options in virtualized telco clouds.