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    Proximus completes messaging virtualisation project with Openmind


    Proximus has replaced its legacy SMSC and SMS firewall with a virtualised environment, capping the end of an 11-month project with Openmind Networks, while Swisscom has deployed a network operations monitor.

    The Belgium-based operator used the vendor’s consolidated Traffic Control Platform to bring together all of its messaging services into one platform. It is also deploying Openmind’s Protect module alongside the SMSC, which will combat against Proximus’s subscribers being sent spam and fraudulent content.

    Alex Duncan, CEO of Openmind Networks, said: “Given the current competitive market for operators, Proximus wanted to rapidly virtualise and consolidate its services in order to prepare for future innovation whilst reducing unnecessary opex costs.”

    Laurent Meertens, Domain Manager, Messaging & Communication Services, Proximus, said the new set-up enabled it “to not only make savings through consolidation, but also implement new, innovative services for our customers”. He added: This opens perspectives to further expanding and improving our services with Openmind’s technology.”

    Meanwhile, Swisscom has deployed a network operations monitor as it looks to shift its customers from fixed line telephony to voice over IP services.

    The operator is using Oracle Communications’ Operations Monitor to get a real-time view of how its network is working. The monitor captures signalling messages and media travelling through the network, giving customer experience metrics in real time.

    Swisscom said it was able to work out network capacity trends, get more detailed network quality reports, and monitor its network resources.