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    Proximus rolls out fibre in Vilvoorde, but Belgium’s FTTH still lags


    Belgian operator Proximus is rolling out fibre in the City of Vilvoorde as part of its ongoing, €3 billion fibre deployment plan.

    Since 2016, when the initiative launched, Proximus has started rolling out fibre in nine cities and this year, another seven will be added, including Vilvoorde.

    Nevertheless Belgium’s fibre penetration to home and buildings (FTTH/B) is among the lowest in Europe: at less than 1% it doesn’t even make it into the ranking compiled annually by iDate for the FTTH Council.

    The ‘Fibre for Vilvoorde’ work will begin in the city centre in a few weeks and the first connections will be possible later this year.

    Combining deployment

    The City of Vilvoorde already has six industrial zones equipped with fibre. With the launch of the Fibre for Vilvoorde project, Proximus claims to be the first Belgian operator to bring fibre into homes.

    The company says it is contacting businesses individually to see which fibre solution best meets their specific needs. A fibre connection is already possible or has been planned in 800 new-builds (large new-build projects and developments) in Vilvoorde.

    “Fixed network of the future”

    Proximus calls fibre “the fixed network of the future” due to the speed and reliability it provides.

    A statement from Proximus said: “From a financial and operational perspective, it is wise to combine the deployment of fibre for businesses with the roll-out into existing homes in urban areas with a high population density. And that is exactly what Proximus will do in Vilvoorde: roll out fibre for residential and business customers simultaneously.”

    The operator says the works in Vilvoorde are being carried out in consultation with the City Council to reduce disturbance to residents and businesses.