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    RAD Carrier Ethernet access devices participate in seven tests at EANTC’s Interop Showcase


    Four different Carrier Ethernet access devices manufactured by RAD Data Communications are included in the multi-vendor Interoperability Showcase organized by the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) at the Carrier Ethernet World Congress (CEWC) 2010 in Warsaw.

    The showcase follows a two-week long hot staging at EANTC’s Berlin headquarters, which included a total of 100 separate devices from 24 different vendors.

    RAD products were successfully tested for IEEE 1588-2008 synchronization (slave clock, transparent clock and 1588-2008 interoperability with Synchronous Ethernet), Synchronous Ethernet, ITU-T Y.1731 performance monitoring, IEEE 802.3-2005 link OAM, IEEE 802.1ag connectivity fault management, ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), and ITU-T G.8031 Ethernet Linear Protection Switching.

    The RAD products were the new feature-rich ETX-203A Carrier Ethernet network termination unit for MEF-certified SLA-enabled Ethernet services, the ETX-204A Carrier Ethernet demarcation device, the MiToP-E1/T1, a TDM pseudowire gateway with synchronous Ethernet support incorporated in a smart SFP, and the IPmux-216 TDM pseudowire access gateway.

    “RAD’s participation in the EANTC Showcase and the successful interop results opposite 23 other vendors proves that Carrier Ethernet is a very stable and reliable network technology with high availability and SDH/SONET-like resilience,” notes Ilan Seidner, Director of Marketing Communications at RAD Data Communications. “In addition, the clock synchronization and restoration tests demonstrated that Carrier Ethernet can be used unconditionally for mobile backhaul applications.”